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New Hope CDL Defense Lawyer

In New Hope, Texas, law enforcement works day and night to ensure that all motorists are obeying traffic law while behind the wheel. Any motorist found to be breaking the law may be subjected to a traffic stop, and written a ticket, whether that motorist be Class C or CDL. If you have been written a CDL or trucking violation by law enforcement in New Hope, at a D.O.T. stop or on the road, you may be worried about your citation ending up as points on your driving record. Because it will if you fail to respond to your charges by pleading guilty to them, it may be in the better interest of your career to dispute your New Hope CDL violation in court. The Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno may be retained to assist you in doing so.

Speeding Violations Issued by Law Enforcement in New Hope

Maybe you have discovered the hard way that police in New Hope, Texas are on the lookout for speeding motorists. The number of speeding tickets issued in New Hope, and other regions of Collin County, are on the rise. Are you a CDL holder or Class C driver looking to dispute a speeding citation issued to you? If so, a traffic ticket lawyer may be able to offer you the legal counsel you need to protect your driver's license and record.