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Dallas / Ft. Worth Traffic Violation Lawyer

You’ve been issued a traffic ticket. You have a hearing in front of one of the many courts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Do you know what to expect? I have represented people with traffic violations in Texas for nearly two decades. I can tell you what you can expect from your court proceeding and help you understand your options.

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Traffic Violation in Texas?

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A few months ago you faced a traffic violation in Dallas similar to the one you face now in Fort Worth. Can you expect the same results? Not necessarily. Every local municipality has their own procedures regarding traffic violations. With over a decade of experience handling traffic violations in all of the courts in the greater Dallas – Fort Worth area, I can help you understand what to expect.

General Court Appearance Expectations

In most local courts, I am given one day every month to work with the prosecuting attorney on behalf of my clients. I will work on your behalf to get you the best results possible. When hiring me, I would be happy to discuss with you whether or not you would like to pursue litigation, if the prosecution and the court are unwilling to come up with the compromise you want.

Traffic Court

There are two types of courts that your case may appear in. You have no choice as to which court you will go to. The difference in the two courts can have a serious impact on truckers and other drivers with CDL licenses:

  • Courts of Record: These courts keep a detailed record of the hearing and so they have a clear paper trail. All court proceedings are recorded by a court reporter or a tape recorder and the Rules of Evidence apply. If you appear in one of these courts you must have necessary grounds to file an appeal.
  • Courts of Non-Record: Justice of the Peace Courts and some Municipal Courts are not courts of record. Because the proceedings are not recorded it is easier to file an appeal. This is a major advantage for CDL drivers who cannot file for probation in the lower courts. There is a Right of Automatic Appeal if you choose to file an appeal to a higher court, where they have a better chance of eliminating or reducing the points from their driving record.

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Every municipality has their own policies and procedures regarding traffic violations. I can help you know what to expect in your hearing and will work to keep traffic violations off your driving record. Contact me today for a consultation to discuss what to expect with your case.

Fines and court costs are not included in fees for legal representation.

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