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Decatur Area Tickets

City of Decatur, Texas Traffic Ticket Attorney

My name is Jack Byno and I have been a practicing attorney in  Wise County and the entire Decatur area since 1994. My practice consists entirely of defending traffic tickets and driver’s licenses. My clients bring be all manor of traffic cases, but most of my time is spent handling speeding tickets, lifting traffic warrants, defending CDL violations, and fighting driver’s license suspensions.  Contact me to see how a lawyer can help you.

Wise County, Texas Traffic Ticket Courts

Wise County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

In most cases when you hire a  speeding ticket attorney, the lawyer can appear in court on your behalf and work out a deal for deferred adjudication (probation). If you retain my services I can be retained for a plea bargain and settle your case the best I can or you can hire me for a trial. There are never any guarantees to the outcome of a case, however, if I am able to get you the probation and you successfully complete it, the speeding citation will stay off of your driving record and not effect your insurance rates or trigger state surcharges. For more information about pleading your case  contact me.

Decatur Area Traffic Warrants Lifted By Jack Byno, Attorney

If you have a speeding ticket of  other traffic violation and for what ever reason you allowed it to go past due, you may have a traffic warrant for your arrest. I can assist you in posting bond, lifting the traffic warrants, and appearing in court on your behalf. After I have been to court I will notify you of the outcome of the case, how much your court fees are, and when to pay them by. So long as you follow my instructions you will not go back into warrant status.  Contact a lawyer to get your traffic warrants lifted.
Special note : The statewide warrant roundup has begun! There are a lot more  cities participating in the Great Texas Warrant Roundup. Below are links to some of the Wise County Courts that are taking part:

Wise County CDL & Trucking Violations Defended By Lawyer

If you have a  commercial driver’s license and you have a trucking violation in Decatur, Texas you need help. The law firm of Jack Byno & Associates defends CDL holders though out Wise County. We can be retained to plea your case or to set it for trial. Every factor involving your traffic citation matters and has an impact on what can be done to preserve your driving record.  Contact me to discuss your options.

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Since 1994 I have been representing clients in the traffic courts of Wise County, Texas. Wether your ticket was in Boyd, Bridgeport, Rhome, or Decatur I can help you.  Contact me today to fight your speeding citation and defend your CDL violations.


Fines and court costs are not included in fees for legal representation. .