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Are DUI checkpoints legal in Texas?

As a CDL operator who navigates Texas roadways, there are certain regulations to which you must adhere that are not relevant to a non-CDL driver. For instance, some drivers who carry a regular driver's license do not have to pull over and rest after so many...

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Worried about losing your CDL?

If you are one of many Texas residents who has a commercial driver's license, you no doubt try to stay updated on all traffic laws and safety regulations that are relevant to your driving status. For instance, if you drive a tractor-trailer, you must be aware of the...

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How your MVR and PSP affect your CDL

If you're a commercial vehicle operator in Texas, you no doubt try to keep your records as clear as possible. Both your Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) and PSP (Pre-employment Screening Program) may have an impact on your CDL. It is a good idea to review your own records...

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