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3 things to know about CVE regulations

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Traffic Attorney |

If you earn a living as a commercial truck operator who navigates Texas roadways, you have hopefully received all necessary (and required) training and information to help you maintain safety on your routes. In Dallas and other north central regions, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) is an acting arm of the state Department of Transportation (DOT).

CVE is a monitoring system that aims to improve roadway safety for commercial vehicles by enforcing various regulations, including those pertaining to vehicle size and weight. The more aware you are of CVE regulations, the better able you might be to avoid citations and vehicle violations.

CVE officers can access your data in real time on the roadside

Advanced technology has made it possible for CVE officers to use a data exchange web tool to access your CDL driving record, particularly if you have past violations or citations. Years ago, accessing this information involved a lengthy process where CVE officers would have to submit a request for data to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Now, if you are detained in a traffic stop or have pulled into an inspection location, a CVE officer can use the web exchange tool to gain immediate access to your records.

Texas has increased enforcement of overweight commercial vehicles

As a CDL operator, you’re required to adhere to specific restrictions and traffic laws that pertain to commercial vehicles. A top safety priority has to do with haul weight. If you’re carrying a load that weighs more than the recommended haul weight for your vehicle or trailer, it creates an immediate safety risk.

In a joint effort, CVE officers, the North Central Texas Council of Governments and the Texas Department of Public Safety instituted an equipment and training program that aims to increase enforcement of CDL weight regulations. Data shows that excessive commercial vehicle haul weight can cause a vehicle to exceed accepted air quality standards. It can also result in severe damage to bridges and roadways.

Weight violations result in stiff penalties under Texas CVE laws

The first time you receive a CDL weight violation citation that is less than 2,500 pounds in Texas, you might incur fines up to $500. Penalties increase with future violations, sometimes including imprisonment up to six months. Having any citations or violations on your CDL record places your livelihood at risk.

As a safety-conscious CDL operator, you can usually avoid legal problems by adhering to all traffic laws and safety regulations, especially those that specifically pertain to commercial vehicles. However, it’s a good idea to know where to seek support if you do happen to encounter legal issues that are placing your commercial license at risk.

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