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The Top Ten Speeding Ticket Cities In Dallas County

Dallas County has seen a significant amount of growth over the past decade. According to United States Census numbers, the region is home to over six million people. Many businesses and industries have headquarters within one of the cities located in the county, and the area is also very popular with tourists.

With so many people living and working in the region, area highways are often filled with motorists headed to their destinations. More traffic means more accidents, and more accidents means that law enforcement officers will be looking for ways to make these roadways safer. Police frequently ticket motorists in the region for speeding and other moving violations.

Dallas is the most-populated city in the county, and the Dallas Police Department has definitely issued a significant number of speeding tickets. While Dallas is the major population center within the county, there are several other cities in the region where an individual may receive a speeding ticket.

In Dallas County, Carrollton, Balch Springs and DeSoto are all located close to Interstate 35E, and these cities see a large amount of vehicle traffic. Irving and Coppell, both located close to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, may experience many drivers speeding through town trying to catch a flight.

Farmers Branch, Garland, and Mesquite are all home to many residents in the region, and rank high on the list of the most-populated cities within Texas. This gives police several opportunities to find and stop motorists driving above the speed limit. Many businesses have headquarters in these cities, making these speeding drivers particularly attractive targets for law enforcement. Richardson, home to the University of Texas at Dallas and many telecommunications companies, is also a hot-spot for speeding tickets.

Since the region includes so many different cities, towns and counties, the motorist that receives a ticket needs to be aware of which agency has handed down the citation. Tickets may be issued by the Texas Highway Patrol, a county sheriff or city police officers. The ticket itself will contain the information that the motorist will need to determine his or her next steps.

Each jurisdiction may have a different way of collecting the fees that are associated with the citation that has been issued. Most drivers going through these locations will not be familiar with the rules in place in that location. Motorists will want to be sure to carefully read their ticket to ensure that they are following all of the procedures that the municipality requires.

If an individual wishes to contest a speeding ticket that he or she receives, the process again will vary depending upon where the ticket was issued. Certain cities will require the driver to make an appearance, which can be extremely difficult for out-of-town motorists or those who are unable to take time off from work to fight the ticket.

Not every ticket is the same. Even if you have challenged a speeding ticket in one jurisdiction in the county, do not assume that the process will be similar someplace else. Each city will have unique characteristics that only those experienced with the region will know.

If you have received a speeding ticket in Dallas County, speak to a Texas speeding ticket attorney to understand the options that are available to you. An attorney will know the procedures that must be followed, and can explain to you how judges handle tickets in those places. Knowing this information can help you fight your ticket and preserve your driving privileges.

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