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Drug DWI: Dallas-Fort Worth Defense Attorney

Drug DWIs present unique issues and nuances not present in typical DWI cases. Officers are looking for the same criteria as with a typical DWI — slurred speech and pupils that do not dilate, among other issues. Because a breath test won’t show any evidence, law enforcement will seek to get a blood test. Depending on how the stop, field, and in-station tests were conducted, you may be able to fight the charge if any mistakes were made.

Additionally, drug and prescription DWI cases can present complicated toxicology issues. Do not immediately plead guilty; you may be able to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by partnering with a skilled lawyer.

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Since 1994, lawyers at Jack Byno & Associates have been working on DWI and other traffic-related issues. We will work directly with you to understand all details with respect to your stop and any evidence against you. From there, your lawyer will do everything possible to mitigate all consequences if we cannot get your charge dismissed outright.

Because of the timelines of these cases, it is extremely important to take deliberate action to protect your rights. We are prepared to put years of experience to work to aggressively advocate for you.

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