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Greenville Area Tickets

City of Greenville, Texas Traffic Ticket Attorney

My name is Jack Byno and I am a lawyer that has been representing clients with traffic citations in  Hunt County, Texas and the entire Greenville area since 1994. The attorneys of my office only represent people with traffic related violations and drivers license issues, such as speeding tickets, CDL violations, lifting traffic warrants, and driver’s license suspension hearings.  Contact me to see how our lawyers can assist you.

Hunt County, Texas Traffic Ticket Courts

Hunt County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

I am a speeding ticket defense attorney that represents clients in the  Greenville Municipal Court, as well as all the other traffic courts of Hunt County. The lawyers of my law firm can appear in court on your behalf and keep the  speeding citation off of your record by requesting deferred disposition. This is a form of probation, that if successfully completed will result in the ticket being dismissed. In most cases the probation will consist of paying a court fee and not receiving any other violations during the probation period. Of course, the court has the discretion to add conditions and deny any request.  Contact me to determine if you qualify for probation.

Greenville Area Traffic Warrants Lifted By Attorney Jack Byno

If you have failed to respond your traffic ticket in Hunt County in the time permitted on the citation, a warrant may have been issued for your arrest.  Traffic warrants should be taken seriously.  Greenville, Texas participates in the annual  Great Texas Warrant Roundup. This means that law enforcement actively looks for people with warrants and do arrest them. Do not get caught up in the warrant roundup.  Contact me today to lift your speeding warrant.

Hunt County CDL Defense Lawyers

I have been represent clients with traffic tickets since 1994. In some courts I can plea a driver with a  commercial driver’s license to a minor violation with less or no points. In most traffic courts in Hunt County I can appeal the ticket to the higher court and work out a deal to keep the citation from appearing on your driving record. Every court and every traffic ticket is different.  Contact me to discuss your case.

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When you have a traffic ticket in Hunt County, Texas and you need an attorney, it is best to go with someone with experience. I have been representing clients with traffic citations since 1994 and my practice is limited to defending speeding tickets, lifting traffic warrants, protecting CDL holders, and  driver’s license suspension hearings. If you need help with a ticket in the greater Greenville area  contact me.
Special note : The statewide warrant roundup has begun! There are a lot more  cities participating in the Great Texas Warrant Roundup. Below are links to some of the Hunt County Courts that are taking part:

Fines and court costs are not included in fees for legal representation.

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