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Worried about losing your CDL?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | CDL |

If you are one of many Texas residents who has a commercial driver’s license, you no doubt try to stay updated on all traffic laws and safety regulations that are relevant to your driving status. For instance, if you drive a tractor-trailer, you must be aware of the hours-of-service rules that apply to your job. Any number of issues may arise, however — even if you are well aware of current regulations — which may place your CDL at risk.  

Many people misguidedly believe that a CDL is only at risk if a violation takes place while operating a commercial vehicle. However, there are certain situations where you might incur a moving violation in your personal vehicle. This can still have a negative effect on your CDL, as well.  

Two strikes and you’re out regarding DUI conviction with a CDL 

If the police arrest you for suspected DUI and you face conviction, you will likely incur CDL disqualification for one year. Upon a second offense, you could lose your CDL license for two years or, perhaps, permanently. The same rules may apply for other convictions as well, such as those handed down for felony crimes.  

Protect your CDL by adhering to railroad crossing regulations 

As a CDL holder, you are undoubtedly aware of railroad crossing grade regulations. This is another issue that often causes problems with license possession, if a violation occurs. An infraction could cause you to lose your CDL privileges for up to one year, depending on the circumstances.  

You may have grounds to request a hearing 

If your CDL has been disqualified, you may be able to request a hearing to challenge the suspension. A Texas CDL operator must file a request within a certain amount of time. Following this submission, you could expect to receive a letter by mail. However, it could take several months for a hearing to take place. 

If you have already had a hearing and a judge decided to revoke your CDL, it may be possible, in certain circumstances, to file an appeal. It is wise to learn more about the appellate process before navigating the system. 

You may have a means of obtaining a CDL again, after a revocation 

If the court takes your CDL away, you may be able to get it back, but it will take time. There are certain offenses that would make you ineligible for reinstatement, such as conviction of human trafficking or other serious crimes, including using a motor vehicle to commit a felony crime.  

Having your CDL called into question does not necessarily mean that you will lose your license. There may be several options available to help you plead your case and preserve your driving privileges. 

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