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Within the traffic courts, there are the Justice of the Peace (JP) Courts and the Municipal Courts. Any ticket the municipal (county) police write will be filed in Municipal Court. But non-city police and the highway patrol will file their tickets in the JP Courts as a Class C misdemeanor.

Traffic court can present a complex and convoluted process for those unfamiliar with it. Traffic court is the lowest of the criminal courts and handles Class C misdemeanors. Essentially, there are two courts:

  • Municipal Courts
  • Justice of the Peace Courts

The latter of the two is the lower of the two and operates differently in that it is a county court rather than a city court. From there, the courts are divided into record and non-record. The former is the typical court that we are all familiar with — it includes a stenographer, etc. The latter has no record — all justice of the peace courts are non-record. When it is a non-record court, a defendant can automatically appeal. This is an important distinction because in the case that an offense is not dealt with in a court of record, it can immensely help commercial drivers. Because commercial drivers cannot, by law, have probation or take defensive driving classes, the non-court of record may let them out through the appeals process.

CDL Holders

Municipal Courts are referred to as courts of record, where a stenographer or a recording device will be used to record proceedings. JP Courts are courts of non-record. If you are a CDL holder and your ticket has been filed with a JP Court, it is essential to shift jurisdiction to a Municipal Court, where a record of the Class C misdemeanor will be kept. Why? Because by law, a truck driver cannot get probation or defensive driving to keep a ticket off his or her record. By moving the Class C misdemeanor to a Municipal Court, there is a better chance of winning an appeal to keep the violation off your record.

“If you are a CDL holder, by appealing it, we have a better chance of keeping it off your record. A better chance of making the ticket disappearing.” Attorney Jack Byno

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If you have received any traffic citation, it is important to understand if and how it will affect your driving abilities and what potential costs will be associated.

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