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Get Your Texas Traffic Ticket Handled Before the Warrant Roundup in the New Year

Since the Wild West days of the Texas Rangers, the great state of Texas has taken a unique approach to law enforcement. Today, although much has changed, Texas remains on the forefront of new approaches to criminal justice.

Unfortunately, if you’re one of the thousands of Texans with an outstanding traffic ticket, one aspect of this approach could actually land you behind bars. Yes, that’s right, even a minor speeding ticket could lead to an embarrassing arrest; every year, the Great Texas Warrant Roundup is the Texas law enforcement tool for cracking down on low-level offenses, tickets and citations.

Annual warrant roundup yields thousands of arrests.

Each year beginning in February, law enforcement agencies across the state of Texas kick off a massive coordinated effort aimed at clearing warrants for minor infractions. At any given time, there are hundreds of thousands of outstanding warrants throughout Texas, most of them for unaddressed traffic citations and low-level misdemeanors. Often, these types of warrants go overlooked while police focus on more pressing matters of public safety. But, the Warrant Roundup is a special chance for law enforcement agencies to canvas neighborhoods and clean house on minor offenses.

Avoid an embarrassing arrest by contacting a Texas traffic warrant lawyer.

If you have unpaid traffic tickets, you are a likely candidate for a visit from a police officer during the upcoming Warrant Roundup. Even the smallest traffic violations can result in a warrant being issued in your name if you fail to take care of your citation. When the police find you, you can be arrested at any time, any place – including home, work or school.

However, you still have ample opportunity to address unpaid traffic tickets before the next statewide Warrant Roundup strikes. With the help of a Texas traffic ticket lawyer, you can resolve your warrant, and you may even still be able to contest the underlying offense. Speak to an attorney today to find out how to best deal with your unpaid tickets.

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