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Texas laws have changed regarding speeding tickets

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2023 | Speeding Ticket |

In recent years, Texas ended its points and surcharge system, which used to be in operation throughout the state. If you were to be pulled over in traffic for going too fast, you may have gotten points against your license. You also were at risk for substantial fines. In 2019, the laws that govern speeding tickets changed.

Instead of being governed by the standardized points system, each Texas city now posts a traffic speeding schedule on its website. By reviewing this schedule, you can learn what type of fine you might incur if you get a speeding ticket in a school zone, for instance. Throughout the state, traffic offenses are listed either as minor or major citations.

If you are speeding and become involved in a collision resulting in injury

You can expect a more severe penalty if you are cited for speeding following a motor vehicle collision, especially if another person suffered injuries in the crash. Also, any traffic citation you receive in Texas is documented on your driving record. If you have multiple tickets or offenses on your record, it may spark an increase in your auto insurance rates. In some cases, an insurance agency might decide to no longer offer service to a particular driver.

Certain tickets or citations may be categorized as a misdemeanor or felony crimes. In such cases, you would not only have documentation of the incidents on your driving record, but you would also then have a criminal record. You typically have three options for entering a plea regarding a traffic ticket in Texas. If you are unsure which option best fits your needs, it’s a good idea to seek additional guidance.

You can plead guilty, not guilty or no contest

If you plead guilty, you must pay any fine associated with your speeding ticket. You must also do this if you plead no contest. However, the latter plea is not an admission of guilt, and, therefore, may not be used against you in a civil claim, should there be one in connection with a collision. A guilty plea, on the other hand, may be stated as evidence in a civil lawsuit.

You might also decide to fight your speeding ticket, which means that, by law, you would have to present a case in court. Most people who do this do not act on their own, but, rather, rely on experienced legal representation during proceedings. This type of support not only helps alleviate stress but, also, often increases the chance of victory.

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