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Dallas Attorney: No Insurance Traffic Ticket

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Have you received a traffic ticket for the failure to maintain financial responsibility, also referred to as a “no insurance” traffic ticket? Did you know that failure to maintain insurance can lead to state surcharges and driver’s license suspension? If you have received a no insurance traffic ticket, reach out to an experienced defense attorney for no insurance advice and representation.

I am attorney Jack Byno. I have been providing strong traffic ticket defense to clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including Irving and Carrollton, and throughout Texas for more than 17 years. If you want help avoiding the consequences of a traffic ticket, especially no insurance traffic tickets, contact me to schedule your consultation.

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If you have received a no insurance ticket, you have two options:

  • Dismissal: To get your case dismissed, please provide me with a copy of your insurance. Your proof of insurance must include your name and information about the vehicle you were driving at the date and time you received your traffic ticket.
  • Probation: If you did not have insurance coverage at the date and time of the cited offense, please provide me with a copy of your current insurance. While I cannot get the citation dismissed, I can seek to have it removed from your record. You must maintain insurance from the beginning of the probation period through to the end of the period.

For me to properly represent you, I need the above information from you within five days of hiring me. If I do not get that information from you within five days, I will defend you, but you must be aware that the charge may appear on your record, and you will be subject to fines and state surcharges.

By Not Acting Quickly, You Risk Having Your Driver’s License Suspended

A no insurance traffic ticket becomes more difficult to fight with the passage of time, which also means you run a higher risk of conviction if you do not contact a lawyer immediately. A no insurance conviction can lead to driver’s license suspension and state surcharges. If you accumulate too many surcharges, your driver’s license can also be suspended. Both suspensions would then need to be addressed separately. To avoid this, your best option is to reach out to my firm today.

Do You Want to Get Insurance to Fight Your No Insurance Traffic Ticket?

If you do not yet have insurance, I suggest you speak with an experienced insurance agent. You can use any insurance provider available. If you would like a referral, I recommend that you call James Spencer . Once you receive your insurance, send proof to me immediately. Please note that a “binder” sent by an insurance agent is not proof of insurance, but is actually an insurance quote.

To learn more about your options when facing a no insurance traffic ticket, contact me today.

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Fines and court costs are not included in fees for legal representation.

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