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North Texas Authorities Scheduled To Crack Down In 2013 Warrant Roundup

Law enforcement officers are gearing up to kick off the latest Great Texas Warrant Roundup in 2013. Thousands of defendants in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area with outstanding warrants for offenses ranging from unpaid fines to serious felonies will be targeted for arrest.

Warrants for minor offenses like unpaid speeding tickets, citations for running a red light or stop light, failure to signal tickets, and driving without a license are going to be an area of particular concentration. More than ever, early 2013 will be an important time for those embroiled by traffic offense violations to get help from a Dallas / Ft. Worth traffic violation lawyer.

Warrant Roundup Becoming Popular Law Enforcement Tool

The 2013 Great Texas Warrant Roundup is the sixth annual law enforcement initiative of its kind in the Lone Star State. Each year has seen more jurisdictions participating in the Warrant Roundup.

Regularly, warrants are served by each jurisdiction. But, according to state officials, the Great Texas Warrant Roundup is a huge, combined effort that provides far greater opportunities for warrant service.

In addition, the Roundup is a chance for police to arrest individuals accused of relatively minor legal violations not normally targeted. Some of the arrest warrants due to be served in 2013 are certainly for serious charges; however, there will be a special focus on traffic warrants, as well as city ordinance and similar warrants.

Get Legal Help With Arrest Warrants

People who know or suspect they have warrants can avoid arrest in the Roundup by contacting the law enforcement jurisdictions that issued the warrants. Of course, before initiating any kind of interaction with the police, these individuals should seek advice from a qualified Texas traffic ticket attorney.

If you are worried about being targeted for arrest in the 2013 Great Texas Warrant Roundup, or if you have already been taken into law enforcement custody, protect your rights. Get in touch with a Texas traffic warrant lawyer today.

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