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Speeding Tickets Slowing You Down? Get Help With Texas Traffic Tickets

Few sights are as disheartening as red and blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror. Unfortunately, every day more than 100,000 Americans must endure the sinking feeling that accompanies getting pulled over for speeding.

About 41 million speeding tickets are issued every year in the United States; annually, approximately one out of every six licensed drivers receive a ticket for speeding. If placed end to end, a year’s worth of speeding tickets would make a trail of paper some 5,800 miles long.

According to a study from the National Motorists Association, Texas ranks number four among states most likely to hand out a traffic ticket. Even though representation by a Texas speeding ticket lawyer can help ticketed drivers avoid fines, higher insurance rates and points on their drivers’ license, only 5 percent of the people who receive a speeding ticket will try to contest it.

What to Do After Receiving a Speeding Ticket in Texas

Some drivers assume that simply paying their fine and moving on is the best approach to speeding tickets. But, many fail to realize that there are consequences to a speeding ticket that stretch far beyond the fine.

Surcharges, license penalties, higher insurance rates and even arrest if your fine goes unpaid are just a smattering of the potential broader implications of a speeding ticket. Shockingly, only 5 percent of people who receive a speeding ticket try to contest it. Yet, when contested with the help of an attorney, most speeding ticket cases end in either a complete dismissal or a reduced punishment.

If you want to keep a speeding ticket off your record or avoid any of the long-term consequences that a ticket may bring about, you do have options. Contact a Texas traffic violation attorney today for help fighting your speeding ticket.

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