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CDL And DWI: Dallas-Fort Worth Attorney

In Texas, if you are driving on a CDL and get pulled over, the consequences are potentially more severe. We will first fight to contest the ALR suspension. Losing your CDL is more than an inconvenience; it is your livelihood.

Facing Any Type Of Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Violation?

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The first step of a DWI for a CDL holder is the ALR suspension. Whether you retain Jack Byno & Associates or another law firm, the first thing to do is to file a request to fight the ALR suspension.

With over 20 years of experience representing CDL holders, you cannot put your DWI case in better hands. You are entitled to fight your ALR suspension. Use our experience to make an informed decision about whether to take your DWI to trial. You WILL lose your license if you are convicted and you CANNOT get an occupational driver’s license to keep driving with your suspended CDL.

By working directly with you and undertaking the rigorous discovery and investigation that is a hallmark of our practice, we will do everything we can to attack the prosecution’s case. This approach has resulted in best-possible outcomes for countless truckers and other professional drivers.

In the event that we cannot reach an outright dismissal, your lawyer will do everything possible to potentially mitigate consequences. Because of the gravity of the situation, it is extremely important to take action to protect your rights and your driving privileges as soon as possible. We look forward to working with you.

Contact me, a Dallas-Fort Worth DWI attorney, today for a consultation about any commercial DWI issue. Our attorneys represent clients in Tarrant County, Dallas County, Denton County, Collin County and cities throughout North Texas.

Fines and court costs are not included in fees for legal representation.