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How your MVR and PSP affect your CDL

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2022 | CDL |

If you’re a commercial vehicle operator in Texas, you no doubt try to keep your records as clear as possible. Both your Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) and PSP (Pre-employment Screening Program) may have an impact on your CDL. It is a good idea to review your own records on a regular basis.

Being cited for certain violations can place your CDL at risk. Your records are also seen by prospective employers, which, may or may not work toward your favor. In any case, it is wise to review your own records, so that, at least, you are fully aware of any problematic issues that might exist, which may affect your ability to retain your CDL in the future.

Point Systems are used to indicate driver safety

Both the MVR and PSP records use a point-based system to document driver safety. For instance, if you receive a moving violation, the offense is assigned a point value and is listed in your records. Some violations, such as speeding, may appear on both records; however, you only incur points for a single violation.

Specific point values for the MVR system vary by state. The PSP system, however, is regulated under federal law, so the values are standardized. To be recognized as a safe commercial vehicle operator, the lower your total points, the better.

Immediate disqualification as a CDL holder

There are certain moving violations that would immediately place your CDL at risk, such as being arrested for drunk driving, leaving the scene of an accident or being cited for excessive speed. It is important to note that moving violations or traffic tickets you get while operating your personal vehicle will be recorded on your MVR and PSP, which could ultimately affect your CDL.

There is also the possibility that you might, at some point, review your records and discover an error. If this happens, you make take steps to contest the record. In some cases, such as if the error is on your PSP, your employer might be willing to advocate on your behalf as you navigate the proper channels to request a review and correction of a particular citation.

Focusing on safe driving helps protect your CDL

In the long run, the easiest way to protect your CDL is to be a safe driver. However, many unforeseen issues can arise on the road and situations occur that wind up causing you to get points on your record. Monitoring your records closely helps you to be aware of your own safety history. Checking your record regularly would also alert you to a citation that you were not aware you had received.

If you have any questions regarding CDL regulations in conjunction with issues on your MVR or PSP, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek clarification, either by discussing the matter with your employer or speaking with someone who is well-versed in laws that pertain to commercial vehicle operators.

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