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Alvord CDL Defense Lawyer

If you hold a CDL (commercial driver's license), you may be very concerned about a CDL or trucking violation that you have received in Alvord, Texas. This is for the fact that truckers and other professional CDL drivers like you are generally required by their employers to maintain their clean driving records. While you may therefore be interested in challenging your Alvord CDL violation in court, you may also be interested in acquiring legal counsel in doing so. Even if you received your citation at a D.O.T. stop, this counsel may be garnered from Jack Byno & Associates, a Wise County CDL defense law firm.

Alvord Traffic Ticket Attorney: Speeding and Warrants

The Alvord Police Department, and law enforcement agencies all across Wise County, is cracking down on speeding motorists. No matter whether you hold a CDL or Class C driver's license, if you are caught speeding in Alvord, Texas, you may be pulled over and issued a speeding ticket by police. Perhaps you have a pending Alvord speeding ticket on your hands. By the date specified on your citation, you must either plead guilty to speeding or take the necessary legal steps to challenge your violation. Points will be added to your driving record irreversibly if you plead guilty, and for this reason you may now be contemplating disputing your violation in court. A speeding ticket lawyer may be retained to help you take on your ticket therein, perhaps by seeking you deferred adudication, defensive driving courses, or another plea deal in lieu of points added to your record.