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Roane CDL Defense Attorney

Traffic tickets are an every day thing in Navarro County, Texas, and written by police to both Class C and commercial drivers in the City of Roane. While Class C drivers may be issued citations over minor offenses more so than CDL holders, let's assume that you have been issued a CDL or trucking violation by police as a trucker or other professional driver. Because you may be interested in challenging your Roane CDL violation in court, in hopes of protecting your clean driving record, you may seek counsel in doing so. Even in the case that you were issued your charges at a D.O.T. stop, the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno may provide you with the counsel you need. We are a CDL defense law firm with over 20 years of experience in North Texas.

Roane Traffic Ticket Attorney: Speeding and Warrants

Speeding tickets are a common traffic violation, and written to drivers by law enforcement every day in the Navarro County town of Roane, Texas. No matter whether you hold a standard, Class C driver's license or CDL, if you are issued a speeding ticket or other traffic citation, you must respond to it by the due date specified. You may respond to your ticket in one of two ways. You may respond by pleading guilty to speeding, but you will have to pay a fine if you do so, and points will also be added irreversibly to your driving record. If you would rather not allow points to blemish your driving record, you may instead respond to your citation by disputing it in court. A local speeding ticket attorney may be able to help you challenge your violation by seeking you deferred adjudication or another plea deal in place of points otherwise added to your record.

Roane is Not Required to Send Notice of The Warrant Roundup

Even if you did not receive an outstanding warrant notice from the City of Roane, you may not be in the clear. Addresses can change, notices can be lost in the mail and administrative snafus take their toll. And, if you did receive a notice, perhaps you did not have time to deal with it, were worried about whether you could afford to take care of your warrant at the time or simply forgot about it. Whether you received notice or not, an outstanding warrant will subject you to arrest at any place you are found by law enforcement officers during thestatewide warrant roundup. Contact Jack Byno at 817-685-0912.