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Irving Traffic Ticket Attorney


Irving, Texas Speeding Ticket Defense Attorney

It happens to everyone sooner or later in Irving, Texas. You are driving down the road and you look in your rearview mirror and see a police officer has his light on. Worse than that, he wants you to pull over. After you come to a stop, he explains that he is righting you a speeding ticket.

If you have been stopped in Irving or any where else in Dallas or Tarrant Counties for speeding do not just pay the ticket. You have choices. You do not have to just pay a fine and accept a conviction on your driving record.

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Irving, Texas Traffic Ticket Lawyer

I am Jack Byno, an Irving traffic ticket attorney that defends clients with speeding, running red light, disregard traffic control device (DTCD), and many other traffic violations in the greater Dallas – Irving – Fort Worth Metroplex. I have been representing clients in the Irving Municipal Court since 1994 and can help you understand your options.

The procedures in every municipal court are different. With two decades of practical court room experience, I know the Irving court. I know how their policies differ and I know how to get you results in the Dallas area:

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Irving Traffic Warrant Attorney

Did you allow your Irving speeding or other traffic citation to lapse into a warrant status? It is not the end of the world, but you do need to take it seriously. If you fail to get the warrant lifted, you will eventually be arrested. The arrest can occur at home, school, work, or some place you would rather not talk about.

Lifting a traffic warrant is not difficult and can be done pretty quickly. The key is to get up and take some action. One of the benefits of hiring an attorney, like Jack Byno, to lift your Irving speeding warrant is that he can also represent you in court on the violation.

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If you did not take care of your Irving traffic ticket, then there is probably a traffic warrant for your arrest. You do not want to face a second violation without appropriately taking care of the first.  Contact me today for a consultation.



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