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Irving, Texas Traffic Court Lawyer
The annual Irving Warrant Roundup has caused a lot of people to seek out a traffic ticket lawyer. I am Jack Byno, Attorney at Law and I my entire legal practice is devoted to defending traffic tickets and  driver’s license suspension hearings, as well as other traffic related cases. If you have received a traffic ticket in  Irving, Texas and it is now in warrant, you are wanted by the Irving police. They are making every attempt to arrest as many people as they can during the Great Texas Warrant Roundup.  Contact me to lift your Dallas County traffic warrants.

Dallas County Speeding Ticket Attorney 
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Has Your Irving Speeding Ticket Gone To Warrant?
Irving has several major highways running through its city limits, and countless smaller streets. The  Irving police write speeding tickets on all of them. There is no “safe place” to speed in Irving. If you have received a  speeding ticket, the lawyers of Jack Byno & Associates can typically work out a deal to get you deferred disposition. The deferred disposition is more commonly called, “probation.” Some drivers are prohibited from being placed on probation, such as CDL holders, but most qualify for it. Even if you have let your speeding ticket go into warrant, we can still help you.  Contact the attorneys of our firm to discuss removing your name from the Irving Warrant Roundup and pleading your traffic tickets.

Dallas County Warrant Roundup Lawyer
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Navigating The Irving Warrant Roundup
Traffic tickets are not difficult to understand. Police officers write traffic tickets. Courts, like the  Irving Municipal Court, are charged with providing for the orderly disposition of cases. The person that receives a traffic ticket must appear in court to answer the charge. When a person fails to appear, a warrant issued for their arrest. Then their name is placed in the Warrant Roundup rolls and the police will then attempt to arrest them. Of course, the easiest way to avoid being arrested is to retain the services of an Irving traffic ticket attorney.  Contact Jack Byno if the Irving police have been leaving you messages about the Statewide Warrant Roundup.
More about the  Approaching Warrant Roundup.

Experienced Traffic Ticket Attorneys In Dallas County 
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Irving Traffic Warrant Roundup Attorneys
I have represented clients in  Dallas County, Texas since 1994 with speeding tickets, CDL violations, lifting traffic warrants, and driver’s license suspension hearings. Experience counts when hiring a lawyer.  Contact me if you need help from an Irving traffic ticket attorney. The Irving Warrant Roundup is taking place (at the time of this writing). The Irving police, along with law enforcement from across the State are making a coordinated effort to clear their traffic warrants by arresting those that are wanted.
Special note : The statewide warrant roundup has begun! There are a lot more  cities participating in the Great Texas Warrant Roundup.
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