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Duncanville Traffic Ticket Attorney


City Of Duncanville, Texas Traffic Ticket Attorney

Getting a traffic ticket in Duncanville, Texas may not be the worst thing that has ever happened to you. However, a speeding ticket or other traffic violation has its bad points. For example, if you just pay the traffic ticket it will go on your driving record, which in turn, may lead to state surcharges, a driver’s license suspension , and/or higher insurance rates. Consult with a traffic ticket lawyer before you take action on your traffic citation. The attorneys of Jack Byno & Associates are here to help with your speeding ticket or CDL violation, as well as lift traffic warrants in all Dallas County municipal courts.

Traffic Violation in Duncanville, Texas?
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Duncanville Speeding Citation Defense Lawyer

I am Jack Byno, a traffic ticket attorney that has been representing clients with speeding tickets in the Duncanville Municipal Court since 1994. I know the different ways to get you the best possible deal.

Deferred Adjudication: In most cases, I can work out a deal for deferred adjudication, which is essentially a probation. Normally, the conditions of probation are simple; pay your fees on time and do not get another ticket while on probation. Of course, probation conditions may vary.

Defensive Driving School: Driving school will cost you both time and money, but depending on the severity of your traffic ticket, this may be your best option for keeping your license clean and reducing your fines. The court will set eligibility requirements. However, in every situation you must have a current driver’s license and insurance to qualify.

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Attorney Lifts Traffic Warrants In Duncanville, Texas

Traffic Warrants are issued in Duncanville, Texas when a defendant fails to contact the municipal court within the time frame noted on the traffic citation. If you go past the due date, state law permits the issuance of a warrant for your arrest.

A Duncanville traffic ticket attorney can file the appropriate paperwork with the court to lift the warrant and get a new court date. I am Jack Byno, attorney at law and if you hire me to post your bonds I will also represent you in court. At the hearing, either myself or one of the attorneys I work with will determine if there are any grounds for dismissal. If not, we can plea the case to the best possible outcome. Contact me today, to determine if Jack Byno & Associates can lift your traffic warrants.

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CDL Defense Attorney In Duncanville

If you’ve been ticketed for a moving violation or an equipment violation while driving through Duncanville, Texas, your commercial driver’s license (CDL) may be in jeopardy. Do you want to avoid points on your record, but you are unsure how you can do that from thousands of miles away? I can go to court on your behalf and work out the best possible settlement given the facts of your case.

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I have been helping CDL holders with their traffic violations since 1994. Fighting for your livelihood doesn’t have to be difficult. I make traffic violation representation easy.  Contact me today for a consultation with a CDL traffic ticket defense lawyer.

Jack Byno, Duncanville, Texas traffic ticket attorney represents clients with speeding citations, CDL violations, lifting traffic warrants in all Dallas County municipal courts, including Desoto, Cedar Hill, and Lancaster.