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Grapevine Speeding Tickets Defended By Traffic Attorney

Were you pulled over for  speeding in Grapevine? Were you issued a traffic ticket in the City of Grapevine? Every municipality has their own ordinances and procedures when it comes to traffic violations. I am  Jack Byno, and I have been serving clients in the Grapevine Municipal Court and the Tarrant County area as a traffic ticket attorney for over a decade.


Grapevine Traffic Ticket Attorney Fights Speeding Tickets

Were you pulled over for speeding in Grapevine, Texas?
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A Grapevine  speeding ticket lawyer can help take the guess work out of fighting a ticket. Local Grapevine lawyers that know the law can prove to be a wise investment for years to come. Having points on your license, losing your license or paying higher insurance premiums is something you want to avoid.


Traffic Violations in Grapevine, Texas


The City of Grapevine police department issues many speeding and other traffic violations every year. Whether you got a ran stop sign ticket or a  no insurance ticket (FMFR) in Grapevine, these are charges that should be taken seriously. The drivers that get these tickets need an attorney on their side! Jack Byno, Grapevine traffic ticket lawyer, can help fight to keep your traffic tickets off your record and get your Grapevine  warrants lifted. Some of the many violations that I can help you with include, but are not limited to:

Reckless driving
DUI (minor)
No liability insurance
No seatbelt
Running a red light
Running a stop sign
Talking on a cell phone in a school zone
Failure to yield to emergency vehicle
DOT violations
Moving/non-moving violations
CDL violations (commercial driver’s licenses)
Driving without a license


Grapevine Traffic Warrant Lawyer

If you need help with  warrants in Grapevine, Texas and are looking for a Grapevine attorney for help with warrants in Grapevine, I can help you. First, I will lift the Grapevine warrant and set the case on the first available attorney court docket to determine if the case can be dismissed and/or kept off your record. If it cannot be dismissed, I can help you request a deferred adjudication and try to keep your record clean.


More about the Grapevine Warrant Roundup.


Truck Drivers and Other CDL Holders Represented

If you have a  commercial drivers license (CDL) and you receive a traffic ticket contact a lawyer. Don’t just pay this ticket without tying to keep it off your driving record. Know your rights and your options. Jack Byno will fight to keep this off your driving record.

Contact the Grapevine traffic violations lawyers at the law offices of Jack Byno. Our attorneys have extensive experience in traffic violations. We offer representation for people who hold  commercial drivers licenses (CDL).

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Every city handles speeding tickets and other traffic violations differently. The sooner you call an experienced lawyer, the sooner you can set realistic expectations for your case in the Grapevine area. Contact me today for a consultation with a Grapevine area attorney. Speeding tickets defended and warrants lifted in cities including, but not limited to  ColleyvilleGrapevineSouthlake, and  Westlake.


Special note : The statewide warrant roundup has begun! There are a lot more  cities participating in the Great Texas Warrant Roundup.


Fines and court costs are never included in fees for legal representation.


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