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Richardson Traffic Ticket Attorney


Richardson Speeding Ticket Lawyer .

Have you been given a speeding ticket in Richardson, Texas? Were you pulled over for speeding somewhere in Dallas County? I am attorney  Jack Byno, and I have been representing clients with speeding and other traffic violations in the greater Richardson area for nearly two decades.

There are many types of speeding violations that a motorist can be charged with in Richardson, Texas:

Speeding in a school zone

Speeding in a construction zone

Speeding 10% above the posted speed limit

speeding 15mph over the posted speed limit

Disregarding warning signs for speeding

Fail to control speed

I have been effectively representing drivers against traffic violations in Richardson for two decades. I know what the Richardson municipal judge is looking for and how to negotiate the best deal available when dismissal is not possible.

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Richardson Illegal U-Turn Violation Attorney.

I have been representing clients in the Richardson Municipal Court for a long time and every year during soccer season, I see an uptick in the number of Illegal U-Turn tickets. Residents of the City of Richardson know, or should know, that U-turns are illegal across most of the City.

However, every Spring and Fall, soccer parents from across the DallasFort Worth Metroplex come to the U.T.D. for a weekend of fun. they pull out of the U.T.D. parking lot onto Campbell and then make a U-Turn to head back to the highway. The problem is, it is illegal and the Richardson police are waiting to write the ticket for Illegal U-Turn.

Warrants Lifted in Richardson, Texas by Lawyer

The lawyers in our office lift traffic warrants in the Richardson Municipal Court. In order to hep you, we will need your contact information and the actual Richardson Warrant information which can be found by clicking here to be taken to the City of Richardson Municipal Court Warrant Search Engine. .

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Whether you want to beat a speeding ticket, avoid an illegal U-turn, or minimize the number of points that will appear on your driving record, you need to ensure you speak with a lawyer who will look out for your interests and protect your driving privileges.  Contact me today.


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