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Decatur Traffic Ticket Attorney

Decatur Traffic Ticket Lawyer
I am Jack Byno, a traffic ticket defense lawyer and I have been representing clients with traffic citations in the  Wise County, Texas area since 1994. The motorists I help have a variety of cases, which include: speeding tickets, lifting traffic warrants, defending CDL violations, and fighting driver’s license suspensions. For help with your Decatur area traffic violations  contact me.
Wise County Speeding Ticket Defense Lawyer
Where you given a speeding ticket in  Decatur, Texas? Do you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or a regular Class C license? How fast were you accused of driving? Are you under 25 years old? Each of these is an important question because they are factors that will tell an experienced lawyer how he can help you with your speeding citation in the Decatur Municipal Court.  Contact me discuss you speeding violation.
Traffic Lawyer Defends Tickets In All Wise County, Texas Cities
CDL Defense Attorney For Greater Decatur Area
I represent  commercial driver’s license holders on a regular basis in the Decatur Municipal Court and all of the traffic courts of Wise County. I understand that with a CDL your case needs special attention. It is not just another ticket to be plead. It is quite possibly your job on the line if you are convicted.  Contact me for help with a trucking violation.
Wise County Traffic Warrants Lifted By Attorney
Avoid being arrested for  traffic warrants in Decatur, Texas. It is not too late to save yourself from an arrest for allowing your speeding or other traffic violation from going past due. If you act now, you can still retain a traffic ticket lawyer to post a bond, lift your warrant, and appear in court for you. I can help you lift your warrant and go to court on your behalf to work out the best deal I can.  Contact me to lift your Wise County warrants.
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I have been representing clients with  speeding tickets, traffic warrants, CDL Violations and driver’s license suspension hearings in Decatur and all of Wise County since 1994. If you have a traffic citation in any of the municipal courts or justice of the peace courts of the county I can help you. For more information  contact me.