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Lake Bridgeport Traffic Ticket Attorney

Have You Received A Lake Bridgeport Ticket?

I am traffic ticket attorney Jack Byno and I have represented clients in Wise County, Texas since 1994 with speeding tickets, outstanding traffic warrants, CDL violations, and driver’s license suspension hearings. When you receive a traffic citation in Lake Bridgeport, Texas you have several options available to you. It will depend on varying factors to determine which option is best for you. For example, your age, your driving record, whether you have a Commercial driver’s License (CDL), and the severity of the charge.  Contact me when you need help from a Lake Bridgeport traffic ticket attorney.

Wise County Speeding Citations

At the office of Jack Byno & Associates we have represented clients in the Lake Bridgeport Municipal Court with speeding tickets and other traffic violations. The attorneys of my firm can appear in the Municipal Court on your behalf and try to keep the speeding ticket off your driving record by requesting deferred disposition. Unfortunately, not everyone qualifies for this form of probation. However, most people are eligible and we can normally work out a deal to keep the speeding ticket off of your driving record.  Contact me to determine if you are eligible to keep your Lake Bridgeport speeding ticket off your driving record.

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Attorneys Lifts Lake Bridgeport Warrants

If you have received a traffic ticket in Lake Bridgeport, Texas it is not too late to avoid being arrested if you have allowed your case to go into warrant status. At the office of Jack Byno & Associates we can help you get your traffic warrants lifted by posting an attorney bond before the Wise County Warrant Roundup begins.  Contact me, a Lake Bridgeport traffic ticket attorney to defend your Wise County, Texas traffic citation.



As you are aware, when you have a commercial driver’ license you are not eligible for deferred adjudication or defensive driving in order to keep a CDL and trucking violation off your driving record. You may have been lucky at some point, and had a municipal court be sympathetic and work with you. Nevertheless, there are many courts that have no sympathy for CDL holders. If you need help from and experienced Lake Bridgeport traffic ticket attorney  contact me.

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Remember, if you need help with a Lake Bridgeport speeding ticket, traffic warrant, CDL violation, or driver’s license suspension hearing, you can contact the attorneys of Jack Byno & Associates. We will work out the best possible deal on your behalf in order to keep the traffic violation off your driving record.  Contact me today!

Fines and court costs are not included in fees for legal representation.

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