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City of Newark, Texas Traffic Ticket Attorneys
I am Jack Byno, a  Newark, Texas traffic ticket attorney. When you receive a speeding ticket, you will find there is a due date on the citation. You or your attorney must appear in court on or before that date. If you do not, it may result in a warrant for your arrest and increased fines. The attorneys of Jack Byno & Associates represent clients in Wise County with speeding tickets, CDL violations, traffic warrants, and driver’s license suspension hearings.  Contact me for assistance with your City of Newark traffic tickets.
Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Wise County, Texas 
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Newark, Texas Lawyers Defend Speeding Tickets
Do not just pay a Newark, Texas  speeding ticket without knowing your options! If you simply mail in a check to the  Newark Municipal Court for payment of a speeding charge, that is a plea of guilty and you may have put the speeding ticket on your record. This can put points on your driving record, cause higher insurance rates, and trigger state surcharges. Our lawyers can appear in court for you and plea your case to a probation, assuming you qualify for it. The best thing you can do when you receive a Wise County speeding ticket is  contact an experienced attorney .
Wise County Traffic Warrants Lifted By Attorneys
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Newark, Texas Attorney Lifts Traffic Warrants
Traffic warrants generate a lot of money for Newark, Texas As the  Wise County municipalities budgets feel more and more pressure, they must find other means to generate revenue. In Texas, the annual  statewide warrant roundup helps cities collect Millions of Dollars in outstanding fines. At the time of this writing, the statewide warrant round is going on. Before you get arrested  contact an attorney to lift your Newark traffic warrants.
Trucking & CDL Lawyers in Wise County, Texas 
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Newark Lawyer Defends CDL & Trucking Cases
Did you get a speeding ticket, while driving a big truck from the  Newark Police Department If you are a truck driver you need your  commercial driver’s license in order to maintain your livelihood. Jack Byno is a traffic ticket attorney that has been representing CDL holders since 1994. You have options with your CDL violations .  Contact the attorney that knows how to help with a Newark traffic ticket.
Traffic Ticket Attorney in Wise County, Texas 
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Contact A Newark, Texas Traffic Ticket Attorney
The statewide warrant roundup is here! The Wise County police will be actively looking for people with traffic warrants. The attorneys of Jack Byno & Associates can post bond and lift your traffic warrants. Our lawyers can also assist you with CDL violations, speeding tickets and defending driver’s license suspensions.  Contact me if you need a Newark, Texas traffic attorney.
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