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Traffic Ticket Lawyer In New Fairview

Have you received a  New Fairview, Texas traffic ticket and need help handling it? You need to retain an experienced traffic attorney that can represent you in court, and work out the best possible deal to keep the citation off your driving record. At the office of Jack Byno & Associates, we have experienced attorneys that can help you with a speeding ticket, outstanding traffic warrants, CDL violations, and even with driver’s license suspension hearingsContact me today to discuss your New Fairview traffic tickets.

New Fairview Speeding Ticket Attorney

At the office of Jack Byno & Associates, our attorneys will try to keep a New Fairview speeding ticket off your driving record by pleading your case to deferred adjudication or probation. If probation is granted, in order for the ticket to not appear on your record, you will need to follow our verbal and written instructions. The court will order you to pay a fee, and not receive another traffic ticket for ninety days. We will attempt to lower your fines, but our main goal is helping you keep the speeding violation off your record. Contact me to determine if you are eligible for deferred adjudication on a New Fairview speeding ticket.


Attorneys Lifts Traffic Warrants In Wise County

Are you nervous about being arrested any moment because of an outstanding traffic warrant in the City of Fairview? If that is the case, you can retain our attorneys to help you get your traffic warrant lifted. So long as you have not entered into any type of arrangements with the court, there will be no problems getting your warrant lifted. Once the traffic warrant is lifted, our lawyers will request a court date, where one of our experienced attorneys will appear on you behalf and work out the best possible deal to keep the violation off your record. Keep in mind that because your traffic ticket has gone into warrant status, the fines do tend to go up. Contact me to get your outstanding New Fairview traffic warrants lifted today!

Have You Received A CDL Violation?

If you have a commercial driver’s license, you know that  CDL and trucking violation cannot be removed from your record. Nevertheless, with help from a lawyer at Jack Byno & Associates the penalty of your moving violation may be diminished. Do not let your Wise County traffic ticket affect your driving record. As a CDL holder your livelihood depends on a clean driving record. Jack Byno is one of the few traffic ticket attorneys experienced in handling CDL cases. Contact me to further discuss your trucking violation in New Fairview.

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If you need a traffic defense attorney in New Fairview, Texas the experienced lawyers at Jack Byno & Associates can help. Jack Byno has represented clients across Wise County since 1994. Talking with an attorney can simplify the process of handling a traffic ticket, and most of the time bring better results. Contact me to discuss your options for handling your New Fairview traffic ticket.


Fines and court costs are not included in fees for legal representation.


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