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Are you looking for a  Dallas County traffic ticket attorney to represent you with a speeding ticket? I am Jack Byno and since 1994 I have represented clients with speeding citations, traffic warrants, CDL violations, and  driver's license suspension hearings. The lawyers of my firm can help you with a traffic ticket in the following counties:

Speeding Ticket Attorney 
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Dallas - Fort Worth Lawyer Defends Speeding Tickets
As a traffic ticket attorney, I see a lot of different violations, but by far, the most common traffic citation I see is speeding. If you have a  speeding ticket in the Fort Worth Municipal Court, it will be handled differently from the  Dallas Municipal Court. Every court is different. Each judge has their pet offenses. Each court has different procedures. I hear all the time from clients what they expect to happen on their cases. Sometimes what they can expect will occur and sometimes it will not.  Contact me to discuss your case.
Warrant Roundup Lawyer
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Dallas - Fort Worth Attorneys Lift Traffic Warrants
If you have a traffic ticket and it goes past the due date, you may have a warrant issued for your arrest. The  Dallas Police Department, as well as most other law enforcement agencies in the DFW Metroplex participate in the  Great Texas Warrant Roundup. This is an annual event, in which the participating cities make a coordinated effort to arrest as many people as possible with outstanding traffic warrants. Below is a list of the  Top Ten Most Active Dallas County Warrant Roundup Cities this year:

Special note : The statewide warrant roundup has begun! There are a lot more  cities participating in the Great Texas Warrant Roundup.

Experienced CDL Defense Attorneys 
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Dallas - Fort Worth Lawyers Defend CDL Violations
Those motorists that hold a  commercial driver's license (CDL) have a much harder time keeping a driving record clean because they are help to a higher standard under the law. They are not permitted to take a defensive driving class or a deferred disposition (probation) as an alternative sentence for traffic tickets. I only represent clients with driving related charges, and a large portion of them have CDLs. This year the  Top Ten Most Active CDL Violation Cities in  Tarrant County have been:

Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyers 
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I am Jack Byno and I have been helping clients with their traffic tickets in  Collin County, Texas since 1994. If you have a speeding ticket in Plano or you need to have a traffic warrant lifted in Frisco  contact me . My experienced attorneys can also assist you with  driver's license suspension hearings and CDL violations in all of the municipal courts of Collin County, including:
Fines and court costs are never included in fees for legal representation.
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