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Town Of Westlake, Texas, Traffic Ticket Attorney

I am Jack Byno, and I have been representing clients with traffic tickets, CDL violations, and lifting traffic warrants in the  Town of Westlake Municipal Court since 1994. Some attorneys dabble in traffic tickets, but few make it their entire practice. Because traffic citations are the only legal cases I take, I have the knowledge and experience you need if you have a speeding ticket in  Westlake, Texas.
Traffic ticket dismissals in Tarrant County, Texas do not just happen because you hired an attorney. However, an experienced traffic ticket lawyer can greatly increase your odds of getting a traffic ticket dismissed. For example, if you had a case that was in warrant and an additional citation was issued for Failure To Appear (FTA), an experienced attorney can often get this charge dismissed in exchange for resolving the underlying traffic citation. For more information,  contact a traffic ticket attorney.

Speeding Violation in Westlake, Texas?
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Westlake Speeding Ticket Lawyer, Jack Byno

In an effort to keep the Westlake speeding ticket off your driving record, the most likely outcome that the attorneys of Jack Byno & Associates will be able to achieve is deferred adjudication. Deferred adjudication (also called, “deferred disposition”) is a type of probation that may be given in traffic court.

Typically, with deferred adjudication, you are required to pay a fee to the Westlake Municipal Court on the traffic citation and agree not to get another traffic violation for a certain period of time. You may also have to take a defensive driving class if you are under 25 years of age.  Contact me to see if you qualify for probation.

Westlake Warrants Lifted By Attorney
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Westlake Traffic Ticket Lawyer Lifts Warrants

 Do you have a warrant for your arrest for a traffic ticket you received in Westlake, Texas? If you have been issued a traffic citation, like speeding or ran red light it is not too late to save yourself from an embarrassing arrest, possible jail time, and other penalties, even if a  traffic warrant has been issued for you.

If you deal with the problem sooner than later, you may still have the option to fight the charges against you with the help of a Westlake traffic warrant lawyer. If you have been ticketed for a traffic violation, get ahead of the statewide warrant roundup and contact a traffic warrant attorney today.
More about the Westlake Warrant Roundup.

CDL Defense in Westlake, Texas
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CDL Defense In The Town Of Westlake, Texas

Are you a  Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holder with a pending traffic ticket in Westlake, Texas? What are you going to do with your Tarrant County case? Do you know your options?
The Westlake Municipal Court will not give a CDL holder defensive driving. Deferred adjudication is not available to you. Do not just pay the ticket! If you do, it will go on your driving record. At Jack Byno & Associates, we understand that for a truck driver a speeding ticket is not just a small thing to be paid and forgotten. A citation on your record can cost a professional driver his job. Know your options and  contact a CDL defense attorney.

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When you need a speeding ticket attorney in Westlake, Southlake, Grapevine, Keller, or anywhere else in Tarrant County, Jack Byno can help you. Contact me to learn more about what can be done with your Westlake traffic ticket.
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