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West Tawakoni Traffic Ticket Attorney

I am Jack Byno an attorney that represents clients in West Tawakoni and all of Hunt County, Texas with traffic warrants, CDL violations, speeding tickets, and driver’s license suspension hearings. If you need an experienced attorney, you need to contact the law office of Jack Byno & Associates. Our main goal is to keep your traffic tickets from appearing on your record. Contact me today. .

West Tawakoni  Speeding Tickets Defended .

Do you need a speeding citation attorney for a case in West Tawakoni, Texas? Did you receive a ticket for a moving violation in Hunt County? How are you going to proceed? The lawyers of Jack Byno & Associates can help you. In most cases we can plea your case to a deferred disposition (probation). This means assuming you qualify and successfully complete the probation, the speeding ticket will be kept off your driving record. Contact me to determine if you can be placed on deferred disposition. .

West Tawakoni Traffic Warrants Lifted .

There are two common types of traffic warrants issued in West Tawakoni traffic cases. An  alias warrant is what the court issues when a person fails to respond or show up for a hearing on a traffic citation. If you have an alias warrant, our attorneys can post a bond, lift your warrant, and appear in court on your behalf to plead your case to the best possible deal we can make. A  capias warrant , on the other hand, is issued when you do not comply with the arrangements you made with the court. For this type of warrant all you can do is pay the fine or sit it out in jail. West Tawakoni participates in the Statewide Warrant Roundup. Contact me before the West Tawakoni Warrant Roundup catches up with you. .

West Tawkoni CDL Defense Attorneys .

Have you been pulled over for speeding on a highway or city street in West Tawakoni, Texas? Do you have a commercial driver’s license? A CDL is a higher class of driver’s license and must be protected in order for its holder to maintain it. Since 1994, I have been a traffic ticket attorney that represents clients in Hunt County, Texas. I have assisted with all variety of CDL holders, including truck drivers, firemen, taxi drivers and bus drivers. Contact me now! .

Contact Us For West Tawakoni Traffic Violations .

Jack Byno has represented clients in Hunt County, Texas since 1994 with speeding tickets, CDL violations, lifting warrants, and driver’s license suspension hearings. Contact us if you need help form a West Tawakoni traffic ticket attorney. .

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Fines and court costs are not included in fees for legal representation. 

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