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Jack Byno Ellis County Driver's License Suspension Attorney

Retain the help of the Ellis County Driver's License Suspension Attorney if your license might be suspended. Whenever a suspension is first issued, it does not automatically apply. Instead, the Texas Department of Public Safety will send you a letter asking if you'd rather have a hearing in order to fight it. That is where our law office here at Jack Byno & Associates is likely able to step in. Since we have over two and a half decades of experience and if there is still an opportunity to fight such cases, there no reason to sit idly by. Whether yours is civil, criminal, or ALR, do not hesitate to contact me and find out what all our legal representatives can quickly achieve for you.


Jack Byno Ellis County Occupational Driver's License Suspension Attorney

The Ellis County Occupational Driver's License Suspension Attorney has allowed many drivers to attain an ODL. For over two and a half decades, Jack Byno & Associates is the preferred law office that has answered the call whenever many drivers ended up with a suspension and needed to still get around. We understand that many people will be unable to get to work, attend doctor's appointments, or even be able to go get groceries if they cannot driver. That is why we work quickly and diligently to provide as many clients as possible with an Occupational Driver's License that can function as their legal ability to get behind the wheel. Should you wish to find out what can be done for you too, contact me without delay.


Ellis County Warrant Roundup | Jack Byno Traffic Attorney

By hiring The Ellis County Warrant Roundup | Jack Byno Traffic Attorney, you'll easily get your bond posted and warrant lifted. The Great Texas Warrant Roundup has focused in on Ellis County as the sheriff's office increases patrols to arrest any and all persons of interest. If you're wanted and get stopped during this time, you're more than likely going to jail. Be wary, as police typically have access to your home address and could come to your doorstep at any moment. At Jack Byno & Associates, our attorneys work with each case to gain the best results in any of the local courts. For countless cases before, we were even able to let the client have the day off as we defended them on appearance dates. If we can do the same for you, hire us today. You can call us by phone, stops by our office, or fill out a quick form linked here on our contact me page.

Ellis County Traffic Ticket Lawyer

When issued a traffic citation in Ellis County, Texas, a driver has two options to consider when it comes to responding to the charges. If you have received a traffic ticket in Ellis County, you may consider pleading guilty, but points will be applied to your driving record if you do so. You may instead consider challenging your charges, with or without assistance provided by an attorney. Should you seek a lawyer's assistance, look no further than the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno. Our Ellis County traffic ticket lawyers have been in practice since 1994.

An Ellis County Traffic Attorney Awaits Your Call

In Ellis County, Texas, traffic tickets are common and written every day to motorists caught violating traffic law in minor ways. Were you recently caught speeding or otherwise violating traffic law in Ellis County? Were you written a traffic ticket as a penalty? Then you may be very concerned about the possibility of your charges ending up as points on your driving record. You may be hopeful to challenge your ticket in court, but need professional legal help to do so. If this is the situation you have found yourself in, contact Jack Byno & Associates. Our Ellis County traffic attorneys are awaiting your call.

Too Many Ellis County Speeding Tickets May Cause a Suspension of Driving Privileges

Most traffic tickets in Ellis County, Texas are Class "C" misdemeanors. Don't make the mistake as so many do and just pay the ticket. By pleading guilty and paying the traffic fine, that citation is now put on your driving record for up to 36 months. Too many convictions can result in the suspension of your Texas drivers license. If you have received a letter from DPS stating they will suspend your driver's license because you were convicted of too many moving violations, you can contest the suspension in court. But you must act fast. If you have received this notice, contact attorney Jack Byno immediately at 817-685-0912.

Fight a Driver's License Suspension With a Lawyer That Practices in Waxahachie

While some Waxahachie motorists regard driving as a basic right, the fact is that operating a motor vehicle is a privilege that must be earned and maintained by demonstrating safe and lawful driving. Under certain circumstances, an individual's Texas driver's license may be suspended or revoked for a specific length of time, depending on the person's driving record or history, and the particular violation(s). For more information, call Jack Byno, Attorney at Law at 817-685-0912.

Red Oak Driver's License Suspension Attorney

Do you need an attorney in Red Oak because you received notice from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) that your driver's license may be suspended? Know your rights! Contacted an experienced driver's license suspension hearing attorney. Contact Attorney Jack Byno at 817-685-0912.

NTTA Toll Violation Tickets Defended & Warrants Lifted in Palmer

The Palmer Police department issues many speeding and other traffic violations every year. Whether you got a speeding ticket or NTTA toll violation, these are citations that should be taken seriously. Drivers that get these tickets need an attorney on their side! Jack Byno, NTTA ticket lawyer, can help fight to keep your speeding citation and other traffic tickets off your record and get your warrants lifted. Get your traffic warrant lifted ASAP by calling Attorney Jack Byno at 817-685-0912!