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If you have been issued a traffic ticket in the DFW region, you may be hopeful to challenge your charges in court, in hopes of protecting your driving record. This would be as opposed to pleading guilty to your citation, which would result in points being applied to your record. If you seek professional legal counsel in challenging your citation, the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno may be of service to you. Our traffic citation attorneys may be hired to either plead your case for a deal, or to fight your charges at trial.

Area Municipal Courts and Justice Courts do not tolerate overdue traffic tickets of any kind. If you have been issued a traffic warrant by the court associated with your traffic citation, it was probably because you let your citation go past due. In order that you may avoid arrest, your warrant must be lifted, and as soon as possible. If you are a qualified Class C or CDL motorist, the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno may be retained to assist you in avoiding arrest. Out traffic citation attorneys may be able to post your bond and lift your warrant for you. Please contact me today to find out more.


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