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University Park Speeding Ticket Attorney

Jack Byno University Park Speeding Ticket Attorney

With the University Park Speeding Ticket Attorney, Class “C” and CDL drivers have frequently got the results they wanted. Whenever we’re able to go out and get the ideal outcome, Jack Byno & Associates makes every effort possible to achieve it. Frequently, we can gain a dismissal for many varieties of traffic cases. Other times, plea negotiations have often proven to be just what some clients needed in order to keep a conviction off their record. As well, we may be retained for a trial in Dallas County if you choose to pursue one. If you need the law firm that is diligent in getting the results many drivers in North Texas want. For those who hire us, we can also post bonds fast and remotely without them needing to lift a finger. To find out more about what all can be accomplished for you, call our law office today.

Jack Byno has been representing locals in the area for over 25 years with every intention of constantly raising the bar. As a former municipal judge, we can not only see what route is best to take for each case’s legal proceedings, but can often accomplish most or all of them without the client needing to lift a finger. On top of lifting bonds for those that hire us to keep them out of jail, we have frequently been able to attend their court dates without them needing to be present in order to accomplish the same goals. There have been many instances where drivers had their cases resolved and they were cleared of all charges, yet they never had to step foot in a court room. To find out how easy we make things for those who hire us, call us today. You can find out phone number over on our contact me page, as well as our address to visit us in person during business hours, and our online information form if you feel like reaching out to us online.

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University Park Speeding Ticket Pleas and Trials

The University Park Traffic Ticket Attorney has been diligent in locating the appropriate course of action, and Jack Byno & Associates always looks for ways you can get an acquittal first. If you find that such an outcome is not possible, we can turn our attention towards plea negotiations. These tactics have allowed Class “C” and CDL drivers to frequently keep charges from becoming convictions that end up on their record. In return, there is typically a defensing driving class and/or a probation to go through for a relatively short period of time. As well, if you retain our attorneys to fight a speeding violation through a trial, we will prepare a bold defense that does not yield to the prosecution. Instead, we quarrel over every fact of your case, hoping to find a flaw in their argument and pleading with the judge to lower the offense or throw it out completely. If you need a strong legal defense, pick up the phone now and call our law firm.

University Park CDL Speeding Tickets Defended

While many long haul truckers might worry about what will become of their speeding citation, know that the University Park CDL Defense Lawyer has helped many drivers in a similar situation. We realize that Dallas County truckers might be fired from their job from one singular conviction, so that is why we are diligent in fighting every Commercial Driver’s License case that we can. If you are dependent on your livelihood, know that you can typically hire us for less than it costs to fill up a tank of gas for your big rig. If your appearance date asks you to come back to town while you’re miles away making a delivery, we can often appear in a client’s place so that they can continue doing their job while we do ours. Hire the law firm that goes out of their way for truckers like we have for over 25 years. Give us a call now and uncover the truth to how your traffic citation should be handled.

University Park Lawyer Posts Bonds & Lifts Warrants

If you have an alias warrant out for your arrest from an overdue speeding ticket, you should get it resolved in a timely manner, or else police will be able to arrest you the moment they identify you. Our attorneys can help as long as you have not been to trial, nor entered pleas of “no contest” or “guilty” in University Park. If that situation applies to you, hire us today. However, if you did attend a trial and lost, a warrant you received after the fact will be in capias status. These are from not adhering to your verdict and will have to be resolved by either following it or sitting out the appropriate amount of time in jail.

University Park Warrant Roundup Defense

Be warned that the Dallas County Warrant Roundup is in effect and causing hundreds of people to get arrest all over the state. This is because the police are out in droves, make a concentrated effort in finding and detaining anyone with a past due speeding citation. If you’re in such a situation, also realize that officers of the law will not limit their search to the streets alone. They will also look up a person’s home address and seek them out at their place of residence. To avoid having an officer and knock on your door, hire the University Park Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyer. Call soon and we might be able to post your warrant quickly and then work to resolve your case in its entirety.

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Thank to our efforts in many Class “C” and Commercial Driver’s License holders’ cases, many were often able to pay much less in the way of court fines and keep their jobs. This usually equates to saving thousands when you factor in higher insurances rates that last for years. If you need a law firm that not only defends clients like they have for over 25 years, but also provides as much peace of mind as possible, contact me, the University Park Speeding Ticket Attorney now and inquire further about all we can do for you.

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About University Park, Texas:

– University Park’s population keeps getting younger. The median age in 1980 was about 34-35 and has gone down to about 29-30 in 2010.

– Eleven public parks are spread throughout University Park, making up 60 acres of the city total.

– For every teacher in Highland Park, there are fifteen students.

You can find the official City of University Park website here.