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CDL Holders Look To Challenge Terrell Traffic Violations

Law enforcement in the Kaufman County City of Terrell, Texas, writes traffic tickets to motorists every day. While there are many reasons that one may be pulled over and written a traffic citation, including for speeding, running a red light, or vehicle-related offenses, it is the responsibility of the motorist written the ticket to respond to their charges in due time. And while Class C motorists are usually the drivers one sees subjected to traffic stops by police, any driver may be pulled over at the discretion of law enforcement, even a CDL holder behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle. Have you been issued a CDL or trucking violation while driving with your commercial driver’s license in the City of Terrell? If you have, while you must respond in due time to your violation by either pleading guilty to it or challenging it in court, you must keep your driving record in mind when doing so. You as a trucker, bus driver, or other professional motorist make it a point to keep your record clean, as a form of job security. If you were to plead guilty to the offense that you have been charged with, points consequently added to your driving record may end up threatening your means of living.

It may therefore be in your better interest, and in the best interest of your career, to dispute your Terrell trucking violation in a court of law. If you are successful in your attempts to challenge your charges, your clean driving record may be safeguarded, and by extension your livelihood. Challenging your citation is not a task that you must attempt to accomplish on your own. You may seek professional assistance in doing so, such as is offered to North Texas drivers by traffic ticket law firm Jack Byno & Associates. With over 20 years of experience in Kaufman County, our lawyers are familiar with the disputation of traffic tickets on behalf of both Class C and CDL drivers. If we are hired to assist you in disputing your violation, we may do so in one of two ways

  • By pleading your case for a possible deal
  • By fighting your ticket at trial

Should you opt for the latter option, a trial, be prepared to appear in court alongside us as we defend you and your means of living. Should you opt for a plea agreement, you may not be required to appear in court with us. If you continue to drive with your CDL while your case remains in the court, however, we would remind you to keep in mind traffic law as you work, as well as possible D.O.T. stops along your route.

Lawyer Defends CDL Drivers In Terrell, Texas

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When Terrell CDL Violations Are Neglected, They Go Into Warrant

You are well aware of the fact that you must respond to a CDL or trucking violation given to you by Terrell police, and by the date it is due. If you do not respond to your charges, even to the point that they go past due, your citation may eventually go into warrant. When a Terrell traffic ticket goes into warrant, it means that the Terrell Municipal Court has issued a warrant for the arrest of the driver to which the citation was written. Have you been made aware that a traffic warrant has been issued for you by the Terrell Municipal Court? Then before police have the chance to take you into custody because of your warrant, consider taking legal action, and quickly, to get your warrant lifted. The Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno may be able to assist you in getting your traffic warrant lifted, as we have been providing this legal service on behalf of our eligible clients since 1994. If we are able to lift your outstanding Terrell warrant and are also able to post bond for you, you will no longer have to worry about being arrested because of it.

Is Your Terrell Trucking Violation Now in Warrant Status?

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