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Regarding Scurry, Texas CDL and Trucking Violations

On a daily basis in the Kaufman County City of Scurry, Texas, drivers of both Class C and CDL status are pulled over by police and written traffic tickets. While it can be a stressful experience to be subjected to a traffic stop and written traffic violation no matter whether you hold a Class C or commercial driver’s license, it may be more stressful if you hold a CDL for work as a trucker, bus driver, or other professional motorist. This is because CDL holders are generally required by their employers to maintain their clean driving records, as a showcase of their responsible driving habits. If you have been written a CDL or trucking violation for speeding along the highway, or for an over weight violation at a D.O.T. stop, you may be therefore be hesitant to plead guilty to your offense. This is for the fact that if you do so, points would be added to your driving record irreversibly. For this reason, it may be in your better interest to dispute your ticket instead. You do not have to attempt to do so on your own.

The Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno is a reputable traffic ticket law firm with over 20 years of experience in Kaufman County and surrounding areas. We may be hired by you to help you in the disputation of your Scurry CDL or trucking violation, by either pleading your case for a possible deal, such as reduced fines, or by fighting your ticket at trial.

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Concerning Kaufman County CDL violations

Traffic Warrants Issued in Scurry for CDL Holders

As a licensed motorist who has been written a CDL or trucking violation by police in the Kaufman County City of Scurry, you are expected by the courts to respond to your violation by the date that it is due. If you fail to respond to your Scurry CDL violation, neither pleading guilty to it nor challenging it in court, but instead allow it to go past due, the Scurry Municipal Court may be prompted to issue you a traffic warrant as a penalty. Have you been made aware of a traffic warrant being issued for you by the Scurry Municipal Court? Are you worried that you warrant will lead to your arrest and incarceration in the very near future, and thereby threaten your means of living as a professional driver? Then before your fears become a reality, you may want to take legal action to get your traffic warrant lifted. Jack Byno & Associates, which offers to lift outstanding warrants and post bonds on behalf of its eligible clients, may be retained to lift yours for you. If your Scurry warrant is lifted, and bond is posted for you, you will no longer have to concern yourself with the possibility of being arrested because of your warrant.

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