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Rockwall County Driver’s License Suspension Attorney

Jack Byno Rockwall County Driver’s License Suspension Attorney

Retain the Rockwall County Driver’s License Suspension Attorney to assist with your case if you might be restricted in driving. Many times, people may not realize that gaining a charge pertaining to a driver’s license suspension does not automatically take place. Courts will still have to have a hearing over the matter to assess on whether or not it will be instated. This is the perfect opportunity to seek out the law professionals over here at our law firm of Jack Byno & Associates. We have helped many people often avoid such an outcome, but have also looked for ways where we can gain an Occupational Driver’s License whenever a suspension might have already taken place. To find out what all we might be able to do for you as well, contact me at this time.

For over 25 years and counting, Jack Byno has been the former-municipal judge that people seek out to represent them in the Rockwall County Justice of the Peace Courts. With his insider’s knowledge of how the local courtrooms work, he understands the best course of action to often gain the ideal outcomes many people seek. In fact, we will even attend court dates in your place whenever the situation allows for it, allowing many people to avoid missing a day’s worth of wages or to be able to continue on with life like any other day. To see what we can do for your specific set of circumstances, do not hesitate to call us by phone, pay us a visit in person during normal visiting hours, or complete an online form over on our contact me page today.

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Occupation Driver’s License Granted in Rockwall County

Whenever a driver’s license suspension takes place, we know that many people have reasonable places they need to get to, such as doctor’s appointments, your job, or to the grocery store to get food. Considering the public transportation systems in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex are lacking, the Rockwall County Traffic Ticket Attorney has often been hired on and regularly gained an Occupational Driver’s License (ODL) or Essential Need License that lets people continue on with their lives. The trade-off is that there is usually a 12-hour max limit that drivers can be on the road. However, this is usually not a problem for a majority of people, for if you keep a log book on the exact number of miles you travel only while you’re behind the wheel, then there is no more to be concerned with. Unfortunately, these are unable to be given to Commercial Driver’s License holders. To find out more about what all we might be able to do you’re your case, contact me now.

Our Attorney Fights Rockwall County Driver’s License Suspensions

Whenever a suspension is first given, it will be because the Department of Public Safety (DPS) believes that you should be kept off the road for a period of time. However, since that does not immediately take place, you can likely hire the Rockwall County Speeding Ticket Attorney to come to your aid in such cases. We have allowed many people to be able to walk out of the courtroom without need to worry about the situation further, for we often gain a dismissal of such charges. If there is any chance to improve the outcome of your case, then you must be willing to fight the charges. To find out more, simply contact me without delay.

What are Driver’s License Revocations?

Whenever a revocation of a license occurs, it is a permanent ban on driving, whereas a suspension is only temporary. Those can occur because of a medical reason that prevents a person from being able to safely operate a vehicle, or from too many previous suspensions. If you have tickets or suspensions that need to be fought, reach out to Jack Byno & Associates today. We are especially understanding of how Commercial Driver’s License holders might potentially lose their ability to earn a living wage, so hire the Rockwall County CDL Defense Lawyer before it’s too late. Contact me by phone or complete an online form now.

Civil, Criminal, and Administrative Law Review Suspensions

The different types of suspensions are classified depending on how you gained them. For those who gained too many “no insurance” convictions, cause a traffic accident and didn’t have insurance, gained too many traffic convictions, or was caught driving while already on suspension, then you will have one in the civil category. These are often able to be fought by our lawyers and regularly dismissed, so don’t hesitate to call us today. There might also be a criminal suspension, but those will be taken up with the municipal court in the city that an initial DWI or DUI took place. If that occurred in the DFW area, then contact me now and let’s review the details of your case together.

An administrative Law Review takes place whenever a breath test is implemented and a person either takes it and fails or else refuses to take it altogether. This is when an unbiased judicial branch reviews the case to see if the officer acted justly. To see what all our legal representatives might be able to do for you, contact me at this time.

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For more than two and a half decades, our lawyers have been attending court dates in clients’ places whenever the situation allows and often found the outcome many people were searching for. If you wish to have any chance of seeing an improvement with your case as well, let us know today. For more information, or to begin the hiring process, contact me, the Driver’s License Suspension Attorney, and let’s find the best outcome possible for you.

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About Rockwall County, Texas:

– When Rockwall County was originally created in 19th century, it was comprised of only 147 square miles.

– The named of Rockwall County is derived from the city with the same name. That city was named after a natural rock formation that made a wall that ran through a long portion of the county.

– The area of Rockwall County was original a part of Henderson County, then Kaufman County, before finally forming its own boundaries.

Visit the following link for the official website for Rockwall County.