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Rockwall County Traffic Ticket Attorney

Written a Traffic Violation in Rockwall County, Texas?

On a daily basis in Rockwall County, Texas, drivers find themselves up against a wide variety of traffic-related legal woes, including:

  • Speeding tickets/other moving violations
  • Traffic warrants
  • CDL and trucking violations
  • City ordinance citations

Are you a Class C motorist or CDL driver currently struggling to deal with one or more of the aforementioned legal issues? Then pick up the phone and call the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno. For more than 20 years, we have defended drivers against these and other legal woes they may be struggling with. We may be able to help you stay behind the wheel and protect your driving record in the Rockwall County Justice of the Peace Court.

Attorney Defends Against Rockwall County Traffic Violations

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Has Your Rockwall County Speeding Ticket Gone Into Warrant?

In Rockwall County, Texas, when a driver is pulled over for speeding and written a traffic ticket for their offense, it is the responsibility of that driver to respond to their violation by the date it is due, by either pleading guilty to speeding or by disputing their citation in court. When said driver does not respond to their violation in due time, the Rockwall County Justice Court may be prompted to issue a warrant for the arrest of the motorist at question. Have you allowed a speeding ticket written to you in Rockwall County to go past due? Has a speeding warrant been issued for you consequently by the Justice Court? Then do not let another second go by without picking up the phone and contacting the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno. We may be able to get your warrant lifted for you, and post your bond as well as a promise to represent you later in the Justice Court.

Get Your Rockwall County Speeding Warrant Lifted

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Truck Drivers Dispute Rockwall County CDL Violations in Court

Both Class C drivers and CDL holders must abide by traffic law at all times while behind the wheel in Rockwall County. Any motorist discovered to be breaking traffic law may be pulled over by police and written a traffic violation for their offense, even a CDL holder behind the wheel of an eighteen-wheeler. Maybe you are a bus driver, interstate trucker, or other professional motorist who holds a commercial driver’s license for work purposes. That said, if you are a professional motorist recently written a CDL or trucking violation while behind the wheel in Rockwall County, it may not be in the best interest of your career to plead guilty to your violation, as points will be added to your otherwise clean driving record if you do so. If you are now looking to challenge your charges, but are unsure how to go about doing so, consider seeking counsel from Jack Byno & Associates. We have been defending truckers in the Rockwall County Justice Court since 1994, and may be able to help you protect your livelihood therein.

Let Us Help You With Your Rockwall County Trucking Violation

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