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CDL Holders Take Prosper Trucking Violations to Court

It is the responsibility of all licensed motorists to obey traffic law while behind the wheel. Any driver, whether Class C or CDL, discovered to be breaking the law in any way may be pulled over at the discretion of police and written a traffic ticket. Maybe you are one such driver recently written a citation while behind the wheel in the Collin County City of Prosper, Texas. You may have been, while on the job as a trucker or other professional motorist (or otherwise driving with your CDL). As someone who holds a commercial driver’s license for work purposes, you are most likely concerned about your violation and the impact it may end up having on your driving record, and by extension your means of living. This is because CDL holders are more often than not required by their employers to maintain their clean driving records. If you were to plead guilty to speeding, a D.O.T. stop over weight violation, or any other minor traffic offense that you have been charged with in Prosper, points would be applied to your record. In a worst-case scenario, your job as a professional motorist could be lost.

It may therefore be in the better interest of your career to instead challenge your Prosper CDL violation in a court of law. You may benefit from professional assistance in doing so; disputing your charges is not a task that you must attempt to accomplish on your own. It is your right to hire professional counsel in doing so, such as is offered by traffic ticket law firm Jack Byno & Associates. With over 20 years of experience defending commercial motorists in Collin County, our lawyers may be able to either 1) seek you a favorable plea deal in court, or 2) fight your ticket at trial.

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CDL Holders Look to Lift Prosper Trucking Violations

Are you a CDL holder recently issued a traffic violation by police in Prosper, Texas? Have you fulfilled your responsibility to respond to your charges, by either pleading guilty to them or challenging them in court? If you have not, you may want to do so before your CDL or trucking violation becomes overdue. This is for the fact that, once a Prosper traffic ticket goes past-due, it more often than not goes into warrant status. In other words, the Prosper Municipal Court issues a traffic warrant for motorist at question. Has a traffic warrant been issued for you by the court? Your traffic warrant is a warrant for your arrest, and unless lifted in a timely manner will eventually lead to your arrest and incarceration. If you are taken into custody over your Prosper warrant, your career as a professional driver may be jeopardized, as you could not continue to work from behind bars. Fortunately, if you are hoping to get your warrant lifted in order that your arrest may be avoided, the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno is here to help. For over 20 years, we have gotten bonds posted and traffic warrants lifted on behalf of our qualified Collin County clients. If we are able to lift your outstanding Prosper warrant, and also post your bond, your arrest will no longer be imminent.

Prosper Traffic Warrants Lifted, Bonds Posted

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