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Navarro County Traffic Ticket Attorney

Navarro County Traffic Ticket Attorney

If you’ve gained a traffic citation that’s distressing you, hire the Navarro County Ticket Attorney to take care of it. Drivers across Navarro County credit Jack Byno & Associates with saving their license, saving their job, and keeping them out of jail. Our law firm will seize every opportunity that opens for us to attend court without you there besides us. This has often resulted in still gaining lowered charges or having cases thrown out as they would have if the client was present. For over 25 years, our legal representatives have stood up to the courts and defended the citizens of Dallas/Fort Worth so that they could keep their freedom and their money whenever possible. To find out more, simply contact me at this time.

Jack Byno is who to hire in your time of need. His decades of combined experiences as both attorney and judge are valuable assets when it comes to analyzing your case. He and the rest of our lawyers will be able to identify if your case is able to get a dismissal upfront. The years of practicing law also lend themselves to help find the correct plea negotiation in order to lower an offense and gain a better outcome. Trials are always options too. Should you choose to retain our law office, we can come to your defense and fight valiantly for your future. Go ahead and stop by our office to get started today. If more convenient, you can fill out an online information form on our contact me page or call us by phone.

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Navarro County Traffic Ticket Please and Trials

If you obtained a warrant, your case isn’t over yet. Traffic tickets and the warrants stemming from them sitting past due are not on a driving record like a conviction would be. That likely means the Navarro County Traffic Ticket Attorney can help you achieve different results. We can only take on alias warrants, as those come about when a ticket is ignored past its court appearance date. You cannot have submitted pleas of “guilt”, “no contest”, or have been to court over the matter to hire our legal team. Those who have had their day in court, gained a guilty outcome, and then avoided their sentencing will have a capias warrant. Those are not allowed to be handled by a lawyer either. If we can take on your case, we will reach out to the court associated with it in order to discover any bond amounts. The Navarro County Municipal Court handles all cases involving the police department of the city. All other types of law enforcement, including the Texas Department of Public Safety or the Navarro County Sheriff’s Office, send their cases through the county’s Justice of the Peace Court located in their specified jurisdictions. Upon completing your bond paperwork based off the information gathered, we will send it off to be posted by standard mail delivery time. It will also be accompanied by a letter of representation, a document requesting a new appearance date. We then make plans to go plead to the judge on that day and look into how you might be able to stay away. To inquire further, simply contact me at your earliest convenience.

Navarro County Speeding Traffic Tickets Defended

If you’re currently in possession of a speeding citation and need a well-established team of attorneys to take on your case, look no further than Jack Byno & Associates. The Navarro County Speeding Ticket Attorney has dealt with a variety of CDL and Class “C” speeding cases in Navarro County and regularly gained successful verdicts that left our clients happier. At times, people will question what they’re really gaining from paying the attorney fees to hire our services on for their case. The typical driver who hires our law firm will avoid increased insurance rates associated with convictions should we be able to remove their charges. As well, negotiating down court fees will be an instant value you might find at the end of your case. Many people have saved hundreds of dollars by hiring us on to be their legal representatives, so let’s see how much we can save for you too by taking the time to contact me now.

Attorney Fights Navarro County CDL Tickets

Navarro County CDL Defense Lawyer When you’re out making deliveries as a CDL holder, you are more likely than anyone to be scrutinized by police in their cop cars. That means you’re also more likely to be given a traffic citation the moment you commit any type of vehicular offense. For many in the Navarro County area, a conviction could lead to termination of their employment. Traffic tickets are not yet on a driving record though, so there may still be time for our attorneys to help. We have taken on CDL cases and gained positive outcomes throughout the years. Our main goal is to help you keep your job and get you out of your current situation, so contact me now to get started.

Navarro County Lawyer Posts Bonds and Lifts Warrants

From the Navarro County Sherriff’s Office to the Navarro County Police Department, officers everywhere are keeping their eyes peeled for any reason to stop you. If you are caught during the Statewide Warrant Roundup with an overdue ticket, you’ll be jailed immediately. Incarceration is avoidable for many. Every outing behind the wheel is rolling the dice on whether you’ll be pulled over or not. When someone thinks they can continuously avoid driving for a lengthy period of time, the Navarro County Traffic Warrant Roundup Attorney likes to remind them that a warrant database usually lists your home address. You’ll be lucky if you can avoid them each time they come to your door. Get help to get your bond posted ASAP. Talk to one of our attorneys now to discover more by going over to our contact me page now.

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With over 25 years of dismissing and reducing charges in most cases, Jack Byno & Associates is the qualified law office ready to assist you as well. We offer reasonable rates with a high likelihood of saving you more money in the long run. We’ve saved the careers of countless truckers and allowed many drivers to keep serious convictions from ending up on their record. To understand what all can be done for you and your traffic violation, contact me, the Navarro County Traffic Ticket Attorney, now.

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About Navarro County, Texas:

– There are over 47,700 people living in Navarro County to this day.

– Navarro County use to be part of Robertson County until 1846.

– There are 24 communities and one ghost town located in Navarro County.

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