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Lake Worth Speeding Ticket Attorney

Jack Byno Lake Worth Speeding Ticket Attorney

Retain the Lake Worth Speeding Ticket Attorney to get the helpful defense that has worked for hundreds of drivers. We’ve continuously gone to the court dates and lifted warrants of Class “C” and CDL drivers in a wide array of cases. Some have even walked away from their charges without needing to lift a finger. Thanks to the help of Jack Byno & Associates, Commercial Driver’s License and Class “C” drivers alike have been able to avoid losing their jobs due to their moving violation and avoided jail time thanks to us posting bond for them. Do not delay in getting your traffic issue resolved if you can hire us on to represent you. To get the process started with us as your defense, you may visit our contact me page and call us by phone, complete an online form electronically, or even visit our physical law office during our normal business hours.

Jack Byno was once a municipal judge, but has decided to come to the aid as the legal defense of many Tarrant County drivers in recent years. After continuously pressing over moving citation cases, he decided he can best serve the people in North Texas by aggressively defending them in the court of law for over 25 years. The best part is both he and the rest of our lawyers can set up your expectations from the beginning and keep you informed of the legal process along the way. We will first evaluate your case to see if an outright dismissal is available for you. If it isn’t, there’s little reason for concern. We might be able to go through with plea bargaining instead. There will be many who will wish to exercise their right to a trial, which we may be retained for as we have for many cases before. To see what all can be accomplished with your unique set of circumstances, give us a call now.

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Lake Worth Speeding Ticket Pleas and Trials

While there is many options to look to when deciding how to handle a case, many will come down to plea bargaining practices and trials. We will always see if an acquittal is available first, but when it is not, often plea negotiations are the next preferred step. In such a scenario, we will defend you as we discuss a better outcome for you with the prosecution. For Class “C”, we have often achieved results ending with probation and/or defensive driving classes in order to lower the speeding violation to a lesser charge. This has kept it off the record of many cases in Tarrant County, and we even attained similar outcomes for CDL drivers too. If you retain the Lake Worth Traffic Ticket Attorney to defend you in a trial, then we will use fact-filled arguments with an onslaught of questions asking for undoubtable proof over every aspect of your allegations. If the prosecution cannot jump through all the hoops we’ll set up, then it might end up lowering or removing your allegations in one fell swoop.

Lake Worth CDL Speeding Tickets Defended

While making deliveries to or from Tarrant County, you may find yourself facing speeding charges as a Commercial Driver’s License holder. Truckers have little leeway when it comes to dealing with their charges. Luckily, Jack Byno & Associates is well versed in handling CDL cases. We have often achieved the outcome many long haul truckers wanted, allowing several drivers to get back to their job making deliveries. We know that a single guilty conviction might be the sole factor in losing your job, so we work diligently to allow you to keep yours whenever possible. If you need the legal representative that has looked out for truckers before with a history of frequent success, contact the Lake Worth CDL Defense Lawyer today.

Lake Worth Lawyer Posts Bonds & Lifts Warrants

When figuring out if our attorneys can post bonds in order to lift warrants quickly in Lake Worth, we first look at which type it is. If it’s in alias status, then our law office should be able to take on the case as long as pleas of either “no contest” or “guilty” have yet to be entered and a trial has not been held. These are attained whenever speeding citations are allowed to go past its court date without being addressed. Whenever you go to a trial, lose, then do not abide by the verdict, then you will have one in capias status out for your arrest. The only way to resolve these is by listening to what the judge demanded of you in your verdict, or else sitting it out in jail.

Lake Worth Warrant Roundup Defense

With the Lake Worth Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyer hired as your legal defense, we will even post bonds fast without you needing to lift a finger. This will be especially useful as the Great Texas Warrant Roundup takes effect. Such an event will be calling upon local Police Departments to make a joint effort in arresting anyone with an overdue speeding ticket. Officers are utilizing new policing techniques, technology in their police cars for easier scanning and identification, and even showing up to people’s front door. Call our law firm today and see what can be done for you before an arrest is made.

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Although we can even post bond for those who have already landed in jail, you’ll want to play it smart and get us to help you as soon as possible. We have allowed many people to not only take care of a warrant or traffic violation, but get rid of the charges in their entirety in a majority of cases. To see how we might be able to utilize our over 25 years of experience in assisting Class “C” and CDL drivers, discuss the details of your case today. If we can help in your case too, contact me, the Lake Worth Speeding Ticket Attorney.

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