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Hopkins County Driver’s License Suspension Attorney

Jack Byno Hopkins County Driver’s License Suspension Attorney

Do you need the Hopkins County Driver’s License Suspension Attorney to fight your allegations before your license is taken away? Hire on our law office here at Jack Byno & Associates. Our lawyers have handled a wide array of traffic tickets and driver’s license suspensions and often gained the outcome that many clients desired. This has often included keeping a suspension from occurring when we take on a case before it becomes a conviction. Many people were even able to avoid attending court dates whenever we could go in their place in order to bring their case to a close. To find out how we might be able to benefit you in a similar way, contact me now.

Many Hopkins County drivers have found Jack Byno to be the ideal attorney to contest their charges when it comes to DL suspensions and a wide array of other traffic tickets. As a former municipal judge with more than 25 years of experience, he and the rest of our law professionals comprise the law office that has often allowed many drivers to sit back while we fought off allegations and even achieved Occupational Driver’s License for many who needed to commute to work. Even if you have multiple convictions on your driving record, feel free to call us by phone, pay us a visit at our physical address during normal business hours, or complete an online form on our contact me page today.

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Civil, Criminal, and Administrative Law Revocation Suspensions

Whenever a civil suspension is given to a driver in Texas, it might be due to several causes. This first of which may be because you have received too many traffic ticket convictions where you simply paid the ticket without contesting the charges. Another way might be because you have two or more “no insurance” convictions. Driving on a suspended license might even cause an overlapping continuation of that punishment. If you caused an accident and didn’t have insurance, as well as if you had a medical suspension and were caught driving, could both be classified as civil as well. These are dealt within the local Justice of the Peace Court near you and are the most common type for the Hopkins County Traffic Ticket Attorney to take on, meaning we are well verse in fighting such allegations and often achieving an Occupational Driver’s License.

Criminal suspensions will be due to a conviction of a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) or a DWLS (Driving While License Suspended). These will be heard in criminal court instead of a Justice of the Peace courtroom, but our law office is familiar with how to handle such cases as well. The third category of suspensions known as ALR (Administrative Law Revocation). This is when an administration will look into your case to see if the officer who issued your suspension was justified in their actions. This often occurs with a breath test, which you can either take or refuse. Taking it and not passing will likely result in a suspension that would be shorter than if you had refused. To see what can be done for your case, do not hesitate to contact me at this time.

Occupation Driver’s License Granted in Hopkins County

If you are suspended from driving, there is a temporary period of time where it is illegal for you to get behind the wheel. So if you have a suspension, how do you still get to your job? Our law firm have regularly attained an Occupation Driver’s License for many of those in such a situation. Also known as an Essential Need License, this is a solution that allows many people to still be able to drive to work, go to school, get groceries, attend doctor’s visits, and do other necessary life activities. Should you wish to find out what can be done for you, call us today. Know that Commercial Driver’s License holders will be unable to gain such a license, but if you can fight the suspension or need help with a traffic ticket, contact me, the Hopkins County CDL Defense Lawyer now.

Our Attorney Fights Hopkins County Driver’s License Suspensions

Keep in mind that driver’s license suspensions are not yet on a driving record when first issued. In fact, our law firm is often able to attend court dates throughout Hopkins County without need of a client present. In such cases, many drivers were often able to attain the dismissal of such charges without need of stepping foot in the local courtrooms. As well, a probation is not feasible for many cases. There is often the stipulation that more traffic ticket convictions cannot be gained. Since we specialize in handling such matters, contact me and let us fight any tickets before they end up as convictions and violates your suspension.

What are Driver’s License Revocations?

Suspensions are temporary while revocations will be a permanent ban from someone legally driving. These can occur in a couple of ways, whether it was deemed necessary by the Texas Department of Public Safety or due to a medical condition that will not show signs of improving. In such cases, you will be unable to gain the proper help, such as the attorneys at our law office. However, there are many cases where convictions could regularly be avoided if a driver was willing to hire the Hopkins County Driver’s License Suspension Attorney. To get started on such a process before you too gain a revocation, contact me without delay.

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For more than 25 years, Jack Byno has been the experience law professional that people trust to take on their case. Driving is a crucial component for many people’s lives in the DFW area, since the public transportation is often unavailable for most. Don’t bend to the whim of mere allegations if you can hire on our law firm to come to your defense today. Contact me, the Hopkins County Driver’s License Suspension Attorney, and let’s review the details of your case as soon as possible.

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About Hopkins County, Texas:

– Hopkins County has 767 square miles of land.

– 35,161 people were living in Hopkins County according to the 2010 census.

– Dairy farming was the main capital of the area until the 1990s.

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