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If you’re in need of the law firm that regularly gets results, hire the Ellis County Speeding Ticket Attorney. You’ll find that the track record of Jack Byno & Associates has proven to be the ideal candidate for countless Class “C” and CDL drivers throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Many have actually been able to gain a dismissal, but you must be willing to contest the charges against you in order to gain one. Thanks to our efforts, we have also frequently improved countless cases where a dismissal may not be available outright. As well, we can defend those trials where our services have been retained. If you’re in need of the proper legal aid in your case, do not wait to give us a call. Many people have usually saved much more money than it costs to hire our legal services. Through lowered court fines, avoided insurance rate increases, and the ability to keep their job, numerous clients have often walked away happier because of our influence on their case.

As a former municipal judge, Jack Byno decided who would discontinue presiding over cases and instead focus his energy on defending the good people of North Texas. He has the valuable insight rarely found in a lawyer and utilizes his in-depth knowledge of the courtroom to streamline the legal proceedings. With over 25 years of experience in practicing law, his ability to post bonds fast for each client has allowed many to avoid potential jail time. Even those who, unfortunately, found themselves behind bars might be able to retain us in order to gain their freedom and get the issue resolved. Should you have a hectic schedule, we’ll look into how we might be able to provide more convenience for you by attending court dates in your place. We’re more than interested in reviewing the details of your case with you and seeing what all can be done with your case, so feel free to go over to our contact me page in order to reach out to us. There, you’ll locate our online form to submit information from the convenience of your own home, our phone number to call us, and our physical address in order to visit us during normal business hours.

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Ellis County Speeding Ticket Pleas and Trials

Plea bargaining has often provided results for those drivers facing a speeding violation they need to take care of, but cannot gain an outright acquittal. Through this tactic, the outcome regularly provides the defendant with lowered charges that usually stay off a driving record as long as a probation is served and/or a defensive driving class is attended. If you retain the Ellis County Traffic Ticket Attorney for a trial, then we’ll start tailoring our legal tactics to fit your case and argue with the prosecution over each aspect of your case. In this way, we’ll attempt to expose any failings of logic the prosecutor may display and plead with the judge to rule in your favor.

Ellis County CDL Speeding Tickets Defended

If you’re a Commercial Driver’s License holder with a speeding citation, then you ought to take care of it promptly with the proper legal aid. The Ellis County CDL Defense Lawyer has been representing long haul truckers for over 25 years and counting. Throughout this time, we have helped many women and men with their cases, yet there are those who chose to let the ticket stand without dealing with it. Many of them, unfortunately, gained a warrant and were eventually apprehended by the police during the middle of deliveries. Many others simply pleaded “guilty” to their charges, thinking it would resolve the issue quickly, only to find out their employer could fire them for gaining a conviction on record. Jack Byno & Associates realizes that this can seem like a stressful situation for many, but with our ability to frequently attend court in a client’s place, post bonds remotely, and often gain dismissals, we’ve been the relief that many people needed with their case.

Ellis County Lawyer Posts Bonds & Lifts Warrants

An alias warrant will be those given after a speeding ticket goes past its court date without being addressed. If you’re wanted because of such a situation, hire our attorneys to get your bond posted in a quick manner. You should keep in mind that you cannot have pled “guilty” or “no contest” to the charges, nor have been to trial in order in Ellis County to retain our services. Should you have already had your day in court, lost, and then did not follow the verdict the judge gave, you’ll have a capias warrant. Those can only be fully resolved if you either choose to follow you verdict or spend the proper amount of time in jail.

Ellis County Warrant Roundup Defense

With the current Great Texas Warrant Roundup taking hold on North Texas at this time, police are making more and more traffic stops. Police departments are calling upon their officers to scan the roadways and pull over as many people as possible in hopes of finding anyone on their wanted list, including those with past due speeding tickets. Do not allow yourself to be thrown in jail if you could’ve hired Ellis County Warrant Roundup Lawyer to get your bonds posted quickly and efficiently. Know that officers of the law might even attempt to look up your home address and approach you in person as well, so let’s take care of this matter quickly by retaining our services as soon as possible.

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Throughout our over 25 years of service provided to the locals in the area, we have had the pleasure of frequently improving the lives of many Class “C” and Commercial Driver’s License holders alike. We’ve managed to often allow man to keep their jobs to this day, some saved much more money than it cost to hire us, and there were many who gained acquittals. If you’re in need of improving your outcome, then you must be willing to fight those charges. In fact, many people are often able to do just that while they stayed at home, as we were regularly able to go to court in their place. See if something similar can occur for you. Contact me, the Ellis County Speeding Ticket Attorney, and let’s go over your case now.

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About Ellis County, Texas:

– There are about 111,000 residents living in Ellis County.

– Clyde Barrow, of the Bonnie and Clyde fame, was born and raised in Ellis County.

– There is an average of 42 housing units per square mile in Ellis County, TX.

You can find the official Ellis County website here.