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Ellis County Warrant Roundup Lawyer

If you are not already aware, please be advised of the Great Texas Warrant Roundup. Upcoming in Ellis County and surrounding North Texas communities, this event sees law enforcement working tirelessly to locate, and arrest, as many drivers as possible who have outstanding traffic warrants out for them. While Warrant Roundup season should be of especial concern to you if you have been issued a traffic warrant by the Ellis County Justice of the Peace Court on a prior occasion, it does not have to be a complicated legal matter to deal with me, attorney Jack Byno, on your side. Since 1994, my traffic ticket law firm has, among other legal services, gotten traffic warrants lifted on behalf of eligible motorists in communities all across the DFW metroplex. If we are able to get your warrant lifted, your arrest because of it will no longer be a possibility.

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Warrants Lifted In Ellis County, Texas

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Has Your Ellis County Violation Gone Into Warrant?

Maybe on a recent occasion, while behind the wheel in Ellis County, Texas, you were pulled over for violating traffic law in some way, perhaps by speeding. If you were consequently written a traffic ticket for your offense, but failed to respond to it by the date it was due, the Ellis County Justice of the Peace Court may have been prompted to issue a warrant for your arrest. Unless your take swift legal action, and quickly, to ensure that your warrant is lifted, your arrest at any time of the day or night is unfortunately a possibility. Your chances of being arrested because of your warrant will only go up during the Great Texas Warrant Roundup, when law enforcement cracks down on motorists with outstanding traffic warrants. Remember that I, attorney Jack Byno, may be retained to help you avoid arrest during Warrant Roundup season, and before, by ensuring that your warrant is lifted.

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The Great Texas Warrant Roundup is taken very seriously by Ellis County’s law enforcement community. It should be taken just as seriously by you if you have yet to ensure that your outstanding warrant is lifted. Remember that, should you be interested in getting your warrant lifted in hopes of avoiding arrest during Warrant Roundup season, Jack Byno & Associates may be able to help you do so. If you are eligible, our experienced attorneys, who have been in practice for over 20 years, may be able to get your Ellis County warrant for you, and post bond for you as well. If your warrant is lifted, you will no longer have to concern yourself with the possibility of arrest during, before, or after the Ellis County Warrant Roundup. If bond is posted for you, you and your case may be defended later in court, at a hearing that may be scheduled for you.

Avoid Arrest – Get Your Ellis County Traffic Warrant Lifted

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