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Duncanville Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyer

Duncanville Municipal Court Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Traffic ticket lawyer, Jack Byno defends clients that are being sought in the Duncanville Warrant Roundup. If you have a traffic warrant in the  City of Duncanville, Texas you should takes step to get that warrant lifted today. Duncanville along with about 250 other cities are in the midst of the Great Texas Warrant Roundup. The participating cities make a coordinated effort to arrest people with outstanding  traffic warrants. Jack Byno & Associates are Duncanville traffic ticket attorneys and they can help you lift your warrants.  Contact us to get started.

Did Your Duncanville Speeding Ticket Go To Warrant?

Getting a speeding ticket from a  Duncanville police officer is bad. Letting a Duncanville  speeding ticket go into warrant status is worse. Getting arrested for a warrant during the Duncanville Warrant Roundup is even worse than that. Can it get still worse? What if the Duncanville police show up at your job to arrest you? It would be a lot easier to hire an attorney that can post a bond and lift your warrant.  Contact Jack Byno & Associates to avoid being arrested during the statewide warrant roundup.


Have You Received Notice of The Duncanville Warrant Roundup?

The Duncanville Municipal Court sends out notices warning of the impending warrant roundup. They mean business! If you retain the services of Jack Byno & Associates, one of our attorneys will post bond, lift your warrant, and appear in court to plead your case to the best deal we can make. Then we will send you notice of the outcome, how much your court fees are, and when to pay them by.  Contact me to lift your Duncanville traffic warrants.


More about the  Approaching Warrant Roundup.

Contact Duncanville Warrant Roundup Lawyers

The Duncanville Warrant Roundup is here! The Dallas County police will be actively looking for people with Duncanville traffic warrants. The lawyers of Jack Byno & Associates can post a bond and lift your traffic warrant. Our attorneys can also assist you with CDL violations, speeding tickets and defending driver’s license suspensions.  Contact me if you need a Duncanville, Texas traffic lawyer.
Special note : The statewide warrant roundup has begun! There are a lot more  cities participating in the Great Texas Warrant Roundup.