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Covington Cdl Defense Lawyer

Covington CDL Defense Lawyer

By hiding the Covington CDL Defense Lawyer, you’ll get the law professional that has represented over the road truckers for over two and a half decades. Throughout this time, Jack Byno & Associates has established itself as the revered long haul trucker representation that often gains the results many people are looking for, regularly end in dismissals. We understand that many charges that turn into guilty convictions will be enough of a reason for countless CDL trucking companies to fire an employee, so we take each case with a severity and knowledgeable approach that we feel each client should be treated with. To find out more about what we’ve done for other truckers and what we might also be able to do for you, contact me at this time.

As a former municipal judge who use to preside over CDL cases much like your own, Jack Byno has proven himself as the preferred legal representation. His over 25 years of experience in practicing law not only quells any uncertainty about who is the proper representation for our clients, but also provides unique insight into how the courtrooms work. We will always try to benefit our clients to the best of our ability, and that regularly means attending court dates in their places so as to allow them the day off to do with as they see fit whenever the situation allows for it. To see what can be done for you as well, contact me by completing an online form linked here, calling us by phone, or through visiting with us in person during normal operating hours.

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Covington Traffic Ticket Please And Trials

A warrant for a trucker’s arrest can be a surprisingly easy thing to gain, for they are issued after allowing a traffic ticket to simply sit past its court date unaddressed. Hiring the Covington Traffic Ticket Attorney will get you the law firm that can post bonds fast and remotely. We accomplish this by completing the bond paperwork for our clients and sending it off via standard USPS mail delivery in order for it to lift them form their wanted status. If someone wishes, they may arrange to pick up the documents from our law firm and hand deliver them to their court. The local municipal court of a city deals with matters involving that city’s police department. All other forms of law enforcement go through the Hill County Justice of the Peace Court, such as state troopers or the Hill County Sheriff’s Office. Once received, you will no longer be wanted, but a new court date will also be established, which we will plan on attending on your behalf. After contesting the charges and pleading with the judge, the outcome and any court fees will be listed in a letter sent to your home address. For further questions, do not hesitate to contact me today.

Covington Speeding Traffic Tickets Defended

A Commercial Driver’s License holder that received a speeding violation will have one categorized as either “serious” or “non-serious”. The first type is often enough for many people to lost their license if they gain a guilty conviction. If the same outcome is gained even for a non-serious charge, it might be enough of an excuse for many trucking companies to fire an employee. The Covington Speeding Ticket Attorney knows how to take on a majority of such matters. Our law firm here at Jack Byno & Associates is known for regularly gaining dismissals for many similar trucking cases as well. To find out what’ve done for others and what we might be able to do for you too, contact me now.

Attorney Defends Covington CDL Drivers During Warrant Roundup

As the Annual Warrant Roundup gains more and more momentum in Hill County at this time, you can be assured that officers of the law are making more arrests of anyone with a past due traffic ticket. Should you be a long haul trucker in such a situation, then officers might even detain you on the spot, even if you’re in the middle of a delivery. Hire the Covington Traffic Warrant Roundup Attorney and we’ll post your bonds fast. We’ll even do so remotely, and be able to release those clients who have already ended up in jail from the matter. To see what can be done for you, contact me at your earliest convenience.

Covington Lawyer Posts Bonds And Lifts Warrants

A bond can only be posted for those warrants in alias status. Those are issued from a past due moving citation. However, you will only be able to hire the Covington CDL Defense Lawyer as long as you have not yet entered a plea of “no contest” or “guilty”, nor have been to trial over the matter. Losing a trial will result in a verdict, but not abiding by it will gain you a capias warrant. These cannot be altered through the assistance of our law firm. Instead, you’ll have to comply with what was demanded of you or else sit it out in jail. For further questions, contact me now.

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Through our dedicated service, we here at Jack Byno & Associates have allowed countless truckers to continue earning their wages by allowing them to keep their jobs. Even if their livelihood wasn’t on the lines, we have often found ways to reduce or remove courts fines and fees, thus saving many people hundreds more than what it cost to hire our services. To see what can be done for you as well, contact me, the Covington CDL Defense Lawyer, and we can review your case together to find out what the best resolution is likely to be.

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About Covington, Texas:

– Gathings College was a school located in the area, but it declined in use until it became a part of the Covington Independent School District.

– In 2000, 282 people called Covington, TX home.

– Covington reportedly has .8 square miles of land total.