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Cockrell Hill Traffic Ticket Attorney

City Of Cockrell Hill, Texas Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Do you have a speeding ticket in Cockrell Hill, Texas that needs attention? Do you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and you just cannot take another conviction? Do you have outstanding traffic warrants in Cockrell Hill that need to be resolved?  These are all things that an experienced traffic ticket attorney can assist you with.

I am Jack Byno, Attorney at Law and I have been representing clients with traffic citations in Cockrell Hill and the rest of the Dallas county municipal courts since 1994 . If you have questions you would like answered or would like to discuss your traffic ticket directly with our legal staff, contact me.

Speeding Ticket in Cockrell Hill, Texas?
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Cockrell Hill Speeding Ticket Attorney, Jack Byno

When your get a speeding ticket in Cockrell Hill, Texas or another moving violation you have several options of how to proceed. You can plead no contest or guilty and pay the fine, plead not guilty and request a trial, request a driving safety course (DSC), or request deferred disposition (probation). Which option is best for you will depend upon the facts of your case, your age, driver’s license status and type, and other items. Contact me to discuss the options you have for your speeding ticket.

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Traffic Warrant in Cockrell Hill, Texas?
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Cockrell Hill Traffic Ticket Attorney Lifts Warrants

If you have been issued a traffic citation in Cockrell Hill, Texas that has gone past due and is now in warrant, it’s not too late to save yourself from an arrest, possible jail time and other penalties. You may still have the opportunity to fight the charges against you with the help of a Cockrell Hill traffic warrant lawyer. If you have been ticketed for a traffic violation, get out ahead of the upcoming Statewide warrant roundup and contact me today.

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CDL Defense In The City of Cockrell Hill, Texas

Do you have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and got a traffic ticket in Cockrell Hill, Texas? As truck driver you must keep your driving record clean.  A CDL holder has a much harder time keeping their driving record clear than the average driver. For starters, CDLs cannot, by law take a defensive driving class or get a deferred disposition or adjudication (probation) for their moving violations.

What would you, as a trucker, do with a traffic ticket in the Cockrell Hill Municipal Court? Call the attorneys at Jack Byno & Associates today! Our firm only handles Class C Misdemeanors, including traffic tickets and driver’s license suspensions. A large portion of our practice is dedicated to CDL defense.

Cockrell Hill CDL Defense Attorney
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When you need a speeding ticket defense attorney in Cockrell Hill, Cedar HillDuncanville, Lancaster, and the rest of Dallas County, I can help.  Contact me today to learn more about what can be done on your behalf.