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Celina Speeding Ticket Attorney

Retain the Celina Speeding Ticket Attorney to get the ideal law office for both Class “C” and CDL drivers. Jack Byno & Associates has been around for more than 25 years, serving the people of Collin County and those who might have received a citation while visiting. Though facing a traffic violation might seem intimidating, we do everything in our effort to put our clients at ease, including posting their bonds fast. If we can gain a dismissal for your case, we will do everything in our power to do so upon being hired. Regularly, we have achieved acquittals of charges for countless drivers over the years. If such an option is not outright open to you, plea negotiations are typically a trusted and fruitful tactic to pursue. There is also the option to retain us for a trial. If you’re interested in seeing what our legal representatives might be able to accomplish for you, call us today and speak with one of the members of our staff to discuss your case and find out more.

Jack Byno has been attending court cases and providing excellent defenses for residents of North Texas for over two and a half decades. Along the way, he also gained experience as a municipal judge, which he utilizes to gain a complete grasp on each case he talks on. As well, whenever the opportunity presents itself, our legal representatives work diligently to find other ways in which we can provide convenience for you. On hundreds of occasions, we’ve been able to go to court in a client’s place, which has allowed them the leniency they needed with their busy schedule and provided the ability for many CDL drivers to stick to their routes. To reach out to us, visit our contact me page. You may speak with us and even begin the hiring process by calling us, visiting us at our physical address, and by submitting your information via our online form.

Contact Jack Byno & Associates at our office: 817-685-0912.

Celina Speeding Ticket Pleas and Trials

Whenever we first evaluate a case and find out that a dismissal is not outright available, Plea negotiations are usually the next best thing for Collin County residents. Whenever we speak with the prosecution on the subject of your speeding citation, we can often convince them to lower the charges and give you a bit of a break in exchange for a defensive driving class and/or probation. Long haul truckers might also be surprised that similar results are sometimes open for them as well. By retaining the Celina Traffic Ticket Attorney to go to a trial on your behalf and defend you, we’ll prepare arguments over each aspect of the allegations against you. This will usually result in some misstep by the prosecution if they cannot present all the evidence to support their claims. In these situations, judge will then be highly likely to rule in your favor.

Celina CDL Speeding Tickets Defended

A speeding violation given to a Commercial Driver’s License holder is stress-inducing. Often, if an over-the-road trucker actually gets a guilty outcome for their case, their job can fire them and force them to lose their very livelihood. The Celina CDL Defense Lawyer understands a long-haul trucker’s plight in such a situation, so we work to provide the best defense for such clients as we have for over 25 years. Through our efforts, many truckers currently out on the road are still able to say they are employed. If you do not deal with the issue, then you might end up with a warrant. Do not get yourself in further trouble and risk getting an arrest while making deliveries. Call our law firm here at Jack Byno & Associates and see what can be done for you as soon as possible.

Celina Lawyer Posts Bonds And Lifts Warrants

Whenever a driver of Celina, Texas is given a speeding ticket, there will be a date by which that person will either need to submit a plea or appear in court. If they do not, then they will receive a Failure to Appear (FTA) or a Violation of Promise to Appear (VPTA), which will then mean they will have an alias warrant. These can be resolved by our attorneys if you have not already been to a trial over the matter, nor had pleas of “no contest” or “guilty” entered in person or by mail. Trials that were lost will have a verdict to abide by, such as defensive driving or court payments. If you do not adhere to it, then you will have a capias warrant. The only way to resolve such an issue is to adhere to the verdict or go to jail and sit the proper amount of time out.

Celina Warrant Roundup Defense

Police departments are working in close conjunction in order to send out cop cars and pull over anyone they can. This is due to the Collin County Warrant Roundup, which is a policing event calling for all officers to find and arrest those who are in possession of a past due speeding violation. Should such a situation be applicable to you, then be aware that law enforcement might begin knocking on doors in search of the people on their wanted list. Retain the Celina Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyer and we’ll post your bond fast, removing you from that wanted list.

Contact A Celina Speeding Ticket Attorney

Our law office has worked around the clock to get bonds posted quickly, even for many who have already ended up in jail. Simply call our law office and we can go over the details of your case and find the solution that might work best for you. Through our legal services, many people had their cases resolved, were pleasantly surprised by their outcome, and never had to step foot in the courtroom. If you’re interested in seeing how our law professionals can possibly assist in your situation, contact me, the Celina Speeding Ticket Attorney.

Reach out to Jack Byno & Associates by calling our office: 817-685-0912

About Celina, Texas:

– Cajun Fest is an annual event that takes place in Celina, TX, and provides a space for live music, dancing, and delicious Cajun food.

– The Celina Independent School District serves as the public educational facility for the city.

– On a monthly basis, Celina hosts a Friday Night Market, which is a Farmer’s Market geared towards driving commerce to commence during the evening.

You can find the official City of Celina website here.