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Celina Traffic Ticket Attorney

Celina, Texas Traffic Ticket Lawyer
I am Jack Byno, an experienced traffic ticket attorney that can help you with  speeding tickets, red light citations, DUI’s,  driver’s license suspensions and all other traffic law matters in Celina, Texas.
In most cases, a speeding ticket lawyer can keep the citation from being reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety, thus protecting your driving record and saving you an increase in your insurance rates.
The Celina Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all fine-only offenses that have been committed within the Celina city limits. These offenses include Class C misdemeanors, traffic offenses, and City ordinances violations. The court collects fines, conducts trials by jury and judge and issues warrants of arrest.
Celina Warrants Lifted Fast By Traffic Attorney
If you have  traffic warrants in Celina, Texas, our lawyers can lift those warrants. If you failed to take your traffic violations seriously, there may now be a traffic warrant issued in your name. If you have been contacted regarding your citation, it is time to call an experienced lawyer. I am attorney Jack Byno, and I can help you resolve your warrant, before you are arrested.
At Jack Byno & Associates we will fight to get your ticket dismissed or kept off your driving record. We have had success in doing both for our clients. Do not just pay your traffic tickets without out knowing your options. If your ticket has gone to warrant status, we can also remove or lift your warrant and get you a new court date.


Celina, Texas Attorney: Traffic Violations Defended Across Collin County

Traffic warrants lifted and speeding tickets defended in the following  Collin County cities and many more: Allen, Altoga, Anna, Blue Ridge, Branch, Celina, Copeville, Culleoka, Fairview, Farmersville, Frisco, Josephine, Lavon, Lowry Crossing, Lucas, Melissa, McKinney, Murphy, Nevada, New Hope, Parker, Pike, Plano, Princeton, Prosper, Saint Paul, Van Alstyne, Westminster, Weston, and Wylie.


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Every city handles speeding tickets and other traffic violations differently. Learn your options so you can set realistic expectations for your case in the Celina area.  Contact me today for a consultation with a Celina/Collin County area attorney.