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Jack Byno Plano Traffic Warrant Lawyer

The Plano Traffic Warrant Lawyer can likely remove you from the police wanted list fast by posting your bond. Our law firm at Jack Byno & Associates accomplishes as much of the legal process as possible without need to involve you. We will look towards a dismissal first. Only if that is not within the realm of possibility do we then turn to plea negotiations when needed. Occasionally, you may seek a trial. We can always be retained if such a situation applies. For numerous clients before, we have allowed them to stay at home as we attended court in their place. If we can represent you in a similar way, do not wait to contact us. To hire us as your legal defense, you may stop by our office in person, call us by phone, or complete and submit an online form. Whichever way is most convenient for you.

Denton and Collin County residents have been represented by our law firm for over 25 years. Jack Byno is the attorney who has squared off with the judge and frequently fought prosecutors till they caved in. With his assistance, as well as the help of all of our attorneys, various clients have been helped greatly. Lives have genuinely improved through our participation. The benefits many people attained ranged from saving costs in lowered court fees to allowing CDL drivers to keep their jobs. Speeding tickets, parking citations, and especially warrants have been presented to our office and we knew exactly how to help. Many of our legal tactics come from Jack Byno, whose guidance as a former municipal judge proves time and time again to be invaluable. To get genuine legal counsel, hire our law firm today.

Plano Speeding Warrants Lifted

Our attorneys can help with any warrants gained by letting a speeding ticket sit past due. These overdue speeding citations in Plano can be easily taken care of when we post the bonds we collect from the appropriate court tied to your case. Once we have it resolved, we’ll still need to make plans on attending court as your defense and developing a strong plan of action in order to best profit you. We’ll request a new court date and then defend you on that day, often being able to let you skip the whole thing. Even if your moving violation seems like a serious charge, we have a history of reducing and removing such offenses from different cases.

Plano CDL Warrants Removed

A member of the trucking community in Plano is thrown into the deep end when given a warrant. It’s either sink or swim, but our attorneys know how to keep many afloat. For those 25 years of service to the Collin County and Denton County CDL drivers, our law office has gotten many truckers off the hook. Thanks to our tireless efforts, we have kept convictions off of driving records, which allowed lots of drivers to keep their jobs. Going out and making deliveries is a very strenuous activity for anyone with a warrant. A long haul trucker who is simply trying to get from point A to point B may end up getting arrested along the way. We have represented drivers in similar situations and allowed them to avoid their appearance dates while we attended in their stead. For you, we hope to do the same. Contact us now to find out more.

Plano Alias Versus Capias Warrants

Between the two, our attorneys can only truly help with one kind of warrant. That would be those that are currently in alias status and have not yet had a plea of “no contest” or “guilty entered, nor had already undergone trial. These specific cases are acquired whenever a person is issued a traffic ticket and it is not taken care of by its specified date. When you allow this to happen, you are giving police legal permission to arrest you at any point when they can identify you. There are no questions asked. You should contact our law office at Jack Byno & Associates today to see how we can assist you.

If your warrant is in capias status, you have already gone to trial and were found to be guilty. A verdict will have been given, but you are now wanted because you did not accomplish the sentencing as instructed. The specific reasons can vary case by case, but most frequently people forget to attend defensive driving classes or did not pay their court fees. These are already over and done with. A lawyer will not be capable of helping you in Plano as you must follow through with the original verdict or go to jail.

The Plano Warrant Roundup

There is much to be done if you’re currently with a warrant and live within the Collin and Denton County areas. This current Great Texas Warrant Roundup is taking place. Such an event is summoning all police departments in Plano and close-by cities to work in multitudes to crack down on everyone. If you don’t have a moving violation, know that you’re more likely to gain one as the traffic stops increase. The only way to guarantee to avoid arrest is to hire the right lawyer who has decades of experience in posting bonds. Our law firm will be able to view your traffic case and be able to distinguish what options are available for you.

Contact A Plano Traffic Warrant Lawyer

While out in Plano, remember this: your warrant is likely going to end with you in jail if you do not have it lifted, and soon. With officers looking for you everywhere, it is not a safe bet to be driving. If you need to get behind the wheel because you are a CDL driver who needs to stick to their schedule, or because you’re a Class “C” driver who needs to make it to the store to feed the family, do not hesitate any further. Our attorneys are just a phone call away. Contact The Plano Traffic Warrant Lawyer to understand how we may be able to help you in a way you didn’t realize was possible.

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– In September of every year, Plano holds the Balloon Festival, much to the delight of the residents and the many kids in attendance.

– Workers in Plano went to and from work via the Texas Electric Railway until it shut down in 1948.

– Entertainment is abundant in Plano, from zip-lining, to escape rooms, to popular nightclubs.

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